How a Local Private Jet Charter Provider Opened Borders During the Pandemic to Bring People Back Home

We interviewed an industry expert, David Gitman, President of the Monarch Air Group, a private jet charter operator based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to hear his perspective and the current atmosphere surrounding the private jet charter industry illuminate.

Q: How has the pandemic affected the private jet industry?
A: The private jet industry had to adapt very quickly after the first pandemic. For us, this has meant finding ways to refurbish aircraft before it was industry standard, working with embassies to open otherwise closed airports, and streamlining our internal processes while we work from home. While we have performed many high profile flights for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, the charters that touched our hearts most were for families and individuals who came together in a time of need. One special trip our team was allowed to take part in was partnering with SPCA to support US troops for #operationbaghdadpup. Through our combined effort, we were able to reunite 47 dogs and cats with their heroes at home. This was one of the many trips we were honored to be a part of and served as an extension of our efforts to support our community through special missions and worldwide outreach.
Monarch Air
Q: Have you noticed an increase in first-time flyers as a result of the pandemic?
A: Yes, very much. During the height of the pandemic, 52% of our flights were booked by first-time private jet flyers, which is an unusually high amount. The volatile market and restrictions on travelers were a major cause of the surge in demand. Another factor is the increased level of security that private jet charter offers compared to commercial aviation. Those who faced the greatest health risks, particularly the elderly or in pre-existing conditions, chose private travel over other available options. The surge in demand was compounded by the cancellation of many annual events that affected thousands of people. These popular events include annual conferences, conventions, business events, major concerts, and sporting events.
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Q: How much does a private jet charter cost?
A: The cost of a private jet charter depends on the type of aircraft used and the duration of the flight, calculated in hourly steps. To get an idea of ​​an estimated mishap, here are a few examples of typical hourly airplane charters:
Turbo support: from $ 1,800 / hour
Examples of turbo supports are: Pilatus PC-12NG, King Air 250, Cessna Caravan
Your seating capacity is: 7-9
Beam of light: from $ 3,000 / hour
Examples of a light beam are: Citation CJ4, Embraer Phenom 300, Hawker 400XP
Your seating capacity is: 7-9
Mid-size jet: from $ 4,000 / hour
Examples of a medium-sized jet are: Hawker 850XP, Lear 60XR
The seating capacity is: 7-9
Super medium-heavy jet: from $ 6,000 / hour
Examples of super-medium-heavy jets are: Legacy 450, Challenger 350, Gulfstream G280
Your seating capacity is: 8-9
Ultra long haul / VIP airliner: starting at $ 10,000 / hour
Examples of ultra long range / VIP airliners are: Gulfsteam G-650, Embraer Lineage 1000, Global 7500, and Boeing Business Jet
Your seating capacity is: 12-30
Air charters to popular destinations start at:
Miami - Nassau with propeller aircraft starts at $ 4,000 / hour
Miami - New York by Light Jet starts at $ 13,000 an hour
Miami - Los Angeles on a mid-size superjet starts at $ 24,000 / hour
Our industry leading charter flight cost calculator is a quick way to find out the exact cost of a trip online. For a more personal experience, our team of experts is a great resource.
Q: What travel trends do you predict for the private jet charter industry in the upcoming holiday season?
A: In the coming holiday season, we expect high demand and low availability, especially when it comes to vacations. We are already seeing an increase in demand due to the wave of first-time flyers. At the same time, many aircraft owners, who typically earn income by chartering their aircraft to others, choose not to do so as an extra precaution. This contributes to the fact that supply decreases in times of increasing demand for private jet charters. It would be beneficial for travelers to plan their upcoming trips in advance. During this time of uncertainty, we hope to lift the spirits of our community as we work together to create a better and safer future for all.
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