How a New Jersey man captured footage of his mom's ex-husband that urinated daily on her grave, he alleges

The suspect urinates on Linda Torello's grave. Michael Andrew Murphy
A New Jersey man decided to investigate after repeatedly finding feces on his mother's grave.
Michael Andrew Murphy told Insider he can take footage that shows a man urinating on the grave "every day."
Murphy identified the suspect as his mother's ex. They had a "bad" divorce 48 years ago.
When Michael Andrew Murphy visited Tappan Reformed Church Cemetery in Orangetown, New York, in April to mourn the loss of his mother, he was surprised to see a deli bag filled with feces on her grave.
At first he thought it might have come from a dog walker. But when a second and then a third showed up in the weeks that followed, he knew something "fishy" was going on.
Murphy said that when he reported the incidents to Orangetown police, they asked him if he had any idea who might have left the bags of feces. "We said we don't know anyone who really hates my mom," he told Insider in a phone interview.
But the 43-year-old New Jersey man was determined to find out who was behind the desecration of his mother's resting place.
A deli bag and a wildlife camera helped solve the mystery
Murphy's sister asked the cemetery, which is about half a mile from the New Jersey border, if they could install surveillance cameras to identify the man. They agreed, and in July Murphy installed a trail camera he bought online.
"In fact, we started seeing pictures of someone coming, but they weren't clear," Murphy said. The images were grainy, but he said he could just make out the face and movements of a man opening her pants to urinate.
The face is familiar, he said. It bore resemblance to the man his mother, Linda Torello, who died in 2017, divorced in 1974.
Murphy said he voiced his suspicions to a cousin, who informed him that his mother's ex-husband had a job at a deli in the next town.
A deli bag of feces is left next to Linda Torello's grave. Michael Andrew Murphy
Murphy had an idea. He went to this deli and bought a small batch of cheese. The bag it came in matched the exact bag that had been filled with excrement and left on his mother's grave.
"We started putting two and two together, we knew it was him," Murphy said.
Determined to prove the man's identity, Murphy began examining the black-and-white trail camera footage more closely. He realized that timestamps on the footage showed the suspect visiting the grave between 6:14 a.m. and 6:18 a.m. each day. "He came religious every morning," he said.
Grainy wildlife camera footage shows a man approaching Linda Torello's grave. Michael Andrew Murphy
They placed an iPhone on another tombstone to take pictures
Then, early in the morning of September 18, Murphy and his oldest sister decided to visit the cemetery just before 6 a.m. to try and capture incriminating footage.
He picked up his iPhone and held it to another person's gravestone. He said a prayer before hiding the phone with some sticks. He put it on flight mode to prevent a notification from thwarting their plan.
Murphy returned to his car, where he and his sister anxiously awaited the man's arrival. The man's car pulled up just after 6 a.m. In the vehicle, Murphy claims, was his mother's ex-husband.
"When he went to my mother's grave, I've never been so angry in my life," he said.
Murphy had never met the man before, and his mother had never mentioned him. According to Murphy, all he knew was that they had a "bad" divorce five years before he was born and that he was reportedly an absentee father to his older sister.
"We have this mother for"
As they waited for him to leave the cemetery, Murphy said he and his sister cried. They then clicked play on the video.
"We have this mother," Murphy said enthusiastically while watching 10 minutes of footage showing someone urinating on his mother's grave.
Murphy and his sister immediately went to the police and showed them the footage. On that day, Orangetown police returned a charge of public urination against a 68-year-old man from Bergenfield, New Jersey.
In a statement to Insider, police said a suspect was identified with the help of Murphy. The statement added that the incident was part of an ongoing investigation by the police department's detective agency.
But Murphy didn't find the misdemeanor charge harsh enough. "I said, 'Public urination?' And that's when I lost it," Murphy explained. “So I went on social media. I said, 'This is it. I'm going to humiliate this man, I'm going to come out to his own community.'”
News of Murphy's video posted to Facebook went viral. Newsweek, Daily Mail and the New York Post reported on it. "My goal was to seek justice," he said.
And while Murphy was able to identify the suspect, he has yet to figure out why anyone would do such a thing.
"It's messed up," he said. "My mother was a good person."
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