How a woman boarded a Delta flight without a boarding pass or ID

A woman able to board a Delta flight without a boarding pass or ID card bypassed the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) document reviewer by joining two families and then boarding the plane with a wheelchair passenger according to a received TSA report from ABC News.
The passenger, identified as Sylvia Rictor by the authorities, approached the security checkpoint at Orlando International Airport on the morning of October 5 with "an unknown family". At the time, there was another family in the adjacent alley that allowed Rictor to "use the groups of people to hide them (themselves) and bypass security by entering the checkpoint without a boarding pass," explained the report.
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Rictor and her belongings were then successfully checked by TSA and she went to the gate, where she and a wheelchair passenger could board the Delta flight to Atlanta. Rictor didn't present a boarding pass.
"I approached the woman who was walking around and asked if she had been scanned and she said yes," the gate agent recalled in a written statement included in the report. "At the time, I assumed that she was with the wheelchair user and allowed her to go on board."
It was only when passenger Jenni Clemons found Rictor in their assigned space that people began to question Rictor.
PHOTO: Passenger Jenni Clemons told ABC News in October that she had the woman the authorities said was on the plane at her assigned seat without a ticket or ID. (Jenni Clemons)
"She just said I wasn't moving," Clemons told ABC News in October. "She never looked away from the back of the seat in front of her, even when all the authorities spoke to her."
The authorities asked Rictor for a boarding pass and government identification.
"She said she threw her boarding pass away after scanning," the agent wrote in a statement. She then showed her a picture on her cell phone "like a selfie," the agent said.
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After the agent explained that the photo was not an acceptable form of identification, Rictor replied, according to a video that passenger Shannon Hire recorded about the incident, saying that it was "just as good."
PHOTO: ABC News received bodycam footage of the police on the October 5 incident, in which a woman got on a Delta Airlines flight to Orlando International without ID or ticket. (Received from ABC News)
Rictor was eventually escorted off the plane, and the nearly 200 passengers had to get out and have to be checked again by the TSA.
As part of the TSA investigation, they contacted Rictor to allow her to "submit information on the matter".
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Rictor replied in a handwritten letter that she had bought her ticket.
"I am so sorry," she wrote in the letter that was included in the TSA report. "I don't know (what else) to say, but don't blame everything for your ... safety."
A TSA spokesman said that after the incident, partitions and plexiglass were added to clearly delineate airport security lines to prevent a large group of passengers from sneaking back into the checkpoint.
In October, a FBI spokesman for the Tampa Division said no charges were being brought against Rictor.
The TSA report found that Rictor had been involuntarily institutionalized at least three times.
ABC News' Sarah Shales contributed to this report.
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