How Bears will have no choice but to re-sign Mitch Trubisky in 2021

Bears have no choice but to re-sign Mitch Trubisky, who originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago
There is a very real possibility that you will see Mitch Trubisky take off for the bears again in 2021.
To get to this point, which just a few weeks ago felt incomprehensible, only one thing needs to happen. George McCaskey has to decide against a major change in Halas Hall.
And with every outcome that walks the Bear Path and takes this once-dying team toward NFC # 7, the likelihood increases that McCaskey will choose to run it back in 2021.
That means: the same trainer. The same manager. The same team president and CEO. The same defense-oriented core of the players.
When Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace, Ted Phillips, and a high paying defense are back in 2021, it has to be Trubisky, too.
This is not a column on whether or not this is all the result of informed decision making from the NFL's charter franchise. But I also don't want to reconsider how bleak the bears future is, or whether the right thing to do is blow up this team after they beat the Minnesota Vikings 33:27. We can revisit these conversations later.
But there would be absolutely no point going back to things with all the same people in place and then handing the reins of the offense back to Foles or a rookie quarterback.
Foles' contract ties him to the Bears in 2021. There won't be enough room to sign or trade for a seasoned starter like Dak Prescott or Jimmy Garoppolo without sacrificing the core you're betting on next year.
If you pull a quarterback to 16th or 17th overall, with the bears pecking with an 8-8 record in the worst case scenario, you won't get a day 1 starter. would sacrifice valuable tips required to fill out the rest of the roster - especially on how to proceed properly and possibly broad recipient if Allen Robinson is allowed to go free-hand.
(The Bears should draft a quarterback next year, by the way - just maybe not with a first-round selection. If Pace is in charge, it remains to be seen whether he actually uses another selection for a QB.)
In these special circumstances, it would be wise for the bears to bring Trubisky back. You can argue about whether the things that led to bears in these circumstances would be wise. But if the bears let it run back, they have to run it back with Trubisky, who shouldn't cost much compared to the quarterback market and has shown real improvements in recent games.
Most of all: It looks like the coach and quarterback are on the same side as we haven't seen in the last three years.
"We all work together and talk about schematics of the pieces and what we like and what he's comfortable with," said Nagy. "And not that we haven't done this before, but you can obviously see that some of the things are a little different and it suits us and works."
Trubisky has also clearly played with a noticeable increase in confidence lately - in himself, in his offensive line, in his players, in his coaches.
"I just go out there and trust what I see and I'll put the ball in the right place," said Trubisky. "Of course there are always a few games where I'm on the field and see something that is different from what you see on the sidelines or in the box." We just communicate this stuff on the edge, keep improving, moving forward, and having that constant communication and dialogue that helps us get better. But I definitely feel like my eyes were in the right place and I'm doing what I'm trained to do and I'm just trying to make games for the offense. "
It's not just that Trubisky plays better - it's also that his coaches are finally tailoring games and fixtures to his strengths. We saw it again and again on Sunday against the Vikings. The bears are finally hugging what Trubisky does well, not what Nagy wants him to do well.
While Trubisky understandably still feels spurned by how and when Nagy banked him in September, his best path to land a big deal in 2022 is through Chicago - and with the offense, the bears have been running for the past few weeks .
This version of the bears can win with Trubisky. They are proving that right now. It could even lead to a playoff appearance.
And when that version of the bears is back in 2021, Trubisky needs to be the center of attention for it to succeed.

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