How Craig Melvin’s Mom Reacted When She Learned He Was Dating a White Woman

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Host Craig Melvin's wife, Lindsay Czarniak, practically sat down with her mother-in-law Betty Jo Melvin today to talk about her experience as a black woman.
Lindsay also asked Betty Jo how she reacted to the fact that her son was with a white woman.
"I told him that love has no color," she said, but she was still worried about her future children.
Given the ongoing conversation about races sparked by protests against George Floyd's murder, presenter Craig Melvin's wife, Lindsay Czarniak, practically sat down with her mother-in-law Betty Jo Melvin to talk about her life experience as a black woman . In this conversation, which Lindsay shared with Instagram, she also asked Betty Jo how she had reacted to the fact that her son was with a white woman.
"He had to tell me that you were white," Betty Jo explained. "I don't even know how it came about, you've been together for a while!" That's because Betty raised Jo Craig to believe that love has no color, so he didn't need to mention Lindsay's breed immediately. "I told him that love has no color, that your skin color doesn't matter as long as you love him and he loves you," she said. "The color of your skin has nothing to do with who you are inside."
Until recently, Lindsay had no idea that Craig and his mother were having such a conversation. "It's interesting because I thought," Sure, was it weird for you? "or" How was it perceived? "she said." But you think about it and don't necessarily think that you would ever say it. "
According to Betty Jo, she had prepared for the possibility that her sons could marry non-blacks long before they met someone, and she always came to the same conclusion: "As long as they love them, that's all."
When Craig and Lindsay met and eventually became engaged, Betty Jo was more concerned about her future children, whom she knew would face discrimination and growing up difficulties. "It was the kids I said, you know, you have to prepare your kids," she added.
Now the couple are parents of two young children, Delano and Sybil, and have recently had serious discussions about what it means to be a biracial family. "We are very aware of the [race], but we have tried to live this life where we are not consumed by it," Craig said on Today recently. However, your children demand that they think about it more critically.
"The reality is that my kids are black," he said. "And at some point they have to be aware of the fact that society sees them that way." He continued, "So let's start talking about how we can help them solve problems that we didn't have to deal with."
In a recent Instagram video, Lindsay admitted that when she set out to have children, she assumed that the "race discussion" would no longer be "one thing". But it is definitely so. "It hasn't gotten any better," she said. "So my eyes were open to the need for talks, big talks about races. And I am also very aware that this is not just a black and white conversation. This is really about humanity. "
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