How did you ever live without this brilliant $40 Amazon find in your kitchen?

We recently told you about a fantastic bathroom storage solution. It offers you a surprising amount of space in bathrooms of all sizes. Not only is it great, but it's on sale on Amazon today for the lowest price ever. How can you give this up for just $ 21.59 ?! People love this great little closet so much because it fits almost anywhere. It's also deceptively compact, although there is plenty of room to store all sorts of items.
Now that we've got your bathroom covered, it's time to turn our attention to your kitchen.
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Is your kitchen so cramped that it is a constant source of frustration for you and your family? Or maybe it's reasonably roomy, but you've packed so much stuff that things have gotten overwhelming. Either way, there is a very nifty solution called the StoveShelf Magnetic Shelf, and people absolutely love it. It costs just $ 39.99, making it a wonderfully affordable way to add extra storage space to almost any kitchen!
Most ovens have a flat metal top, but you can't really use them as a shelf for two reasons. First, it's usually pretty flat so it wouldn't hold up much anyway. Second, one wrong move means that you could accidentally push something behind your stove.
This is where the StoveShelf Magnetic Shelf comes into play. This brilliant device attaches to the top of your stove in about 1 second. It features silicone-coated magnets that adhere to metal surfaces without scratching them. That said, when you rent, you don't have to worry about any damage. Just put it on the stove and voila! You now have a new shelf to store things that you need to have constant access to. Examples are salt and pepper, other spices, olive oil, and many more. It also frees up space in your closets and drawers so it's really a win / win!
The StoveShelf is very cheap. We saw it sold for up to $ 50, but now it's down to $ 39.99. And if you're looking for more ways to add storage space to your kitchen, we've listed two more great ideas below. The $ 24 Magnetic Fridge Spice Rack is a great solution that will stick to your fridge and let you clear out your entire spice cabinet. Then there is the KES 30-inch kitchen pot shelf with a 9% voucher. Definitely check them out.
StoveShelf magnetic shelf
StoveShelf is a magnetic shelf that attaches to most ovens in seconds. Once installed, it offers sturdy storage space for spices, olive oil and even decorations.
This great shelf doesn't require any special adhesives to install, and there's no need to drill holes or use tools. Just place the magnetic shelf on the back of your oven and you're done.
StoveShelf uses a sturdy construction so you don't have to worry about storing all the condiments and condiments you want. It is equipped with two silicone-coated neodymium magnets, which are strong enough to attach it securely without damaging the factory paintwork of your stove.

StoveShelf Magnetic shelf for kitchen stoves without installation
StoveShelf Magnetic shelf for kitchen stoves without installation
Price: $ 37.99
You save: $ 2.00 (5%)
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Magnetic refrigerator spice rack

Magnetic shelf with paper towel holder 2 tier kitchen refrigerator storage shelf
Magnetic shelf with paper towel holder 2 tier kitchen refrigerator storage shelf
Price: $ 20.92
You Save: $ 1.33 (6%)
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KES 30 inch kitchen pot rack

KES 30 Inch Kitchen Pot Shelf - Hanging shelf for kitchen storage
KES 30 Inch Kitchen Pot Shelf - Hanging shelf for kitchen storage
Price: $ 54.59
You save: $ 5.40 (9%)
Buy now
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