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How Ohio State should be treated after losing to Michigan is the most pressing question in this week's USA TODAY Sports AFCA Coaches poll, and where the Buckeyes' country could offer a glimpse of how the college football playoff selection committee is doing on Tuesday evening before last, the same concern concerns rankings.
The shock from the rivalry weekend shouldn't send Ohio State too far into the top 25. In fact, the Buckeyes could drop just three places to No. 5 as voters look for options outside of the very safe top 4 of Georgia, Michigan, TCU and Southern California.
Michigan defensive lineman Kris Jenkins (94) competes Saturday, May 26.
Three other contenders won't be so lucky.
LSU should fall out of the top 10 and will not be considered in the playoffs after the 38-23 loss to Texas A&M. While the Tigers already had a spot booked in the SEC championship game, the loss doesn't paint a healthy picture of their chances of ending the upset against Georgia.
UPS AND LOWS: Week 13 College Football Winners and Losers
Clemson, ranked No. 8 in last week's poll, will miss the playoffs for the second straight year after losing to South Carolina 31-30.
Up 17 points in the fourth quarter in the Civil War against Oregon State, Oregon made a series of confounding fourth-place decisions, essentially handing the win to the Beavers to drop to 9-3.
Those losses help clear up the complicated playoff picture and bring fresh blood to the top of the coaching poll. This is what the top 10 should look like:
1. Georgia (12-0)
A slow start against Georgia Tech gave way to another blowout in the rivalry. The 37-13 win marks Georgia's 14th straight win since it fell to Alabama in last year's SEC championship game, which itself preceded a 16-game winning streak that lasted through Nov. 7, 2020.
2.Michigan (12-0)
Watch as Michigan continues to follow Georgia's lead after receiving just two first-place votes in last week's poll. Simultaneously look for the Wolverines' move to fill up with former doubters, now swayed by yet another dominant win over Ohio State. And rightly so: Michigan is the team best placed to prevent the Bulldogs from winning a second straight national championship.
TABLES FOLDED: Harbaugh owns the Big Ten after the Michigan transformation
3. TCU (12-0)
After walking away with a string of narrow wins throughout Big 12 play, TCU unbuckled their belt and relaxed by a 62-14 blowout at Iowa State. The undefeated Horned Frogs are in the top three with a win over Kansas State for the conference championship, but losses at Ohio State and Clemson could keep TCU in the top four even with a loss to the Wildcats.
4. Southern California (11-1)
A 38-27 win over Notre Dame secured the Trojans a place in the top four in Tuesday night's coaching poll and playoff rankings. Rather than being marginalized by the Fighting Irish, who had made great strides in the season under coach Marcus Freeman, USC took a 10-0 lead in the first quarter and never looked back.
Almost there: USC nears unlikely playoff spot after Notre Dame win
5. Ohio State (11-1)
The Buckeyes will point to their 11-0 start and lone loss to Michigan, which only spiraled out of control in the closing minutes, as key arguments they still make the playoffs despite finishing second in the Big Ten East . Losses at Clemson and LSU lend more credence to this argument than you might think.
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