How This Couple Retired At 55 With Just $200,000 In Their Roth IRA Account

My neighbors Emily and Bob retired with only $ 200,000 in their Roth IRAs.
You made several decisions early in life: treating debt as a four-letter word, buying real estate early on, and getting apprenticeship jobs.
Her advice: plan ahead and never take on more debt than is absolutely necessary.
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My neighbors, both retired teachers, spend all of their time tending their chickens, taking long walks, and figuring out where they're going to go after COVID-19 is gone. They spend an hour a week talking about their big plans for 2021 - though I wonder what that will look like because my neighbor Bob seems terribly content to play around in his vegetable garden while his wife Emily watches him and drinks lemonade.
I keep asking myself, "Will I ever get there?" They must have had a lot to teach me when I finally asked how they did it. I apologized for being so curious, but dearly wanted to know her secrets.
Mantra: Debt is a four letter word
Emily and Bob made a down payment for their first home the day before they married at the age of 25. “We have a 15 year mortgage,” my neighbors told me. "We paid 40 for it."
They moved out of this house and got another 15 year mortgage on a bigger house - and paid it off in 10 years - when they turned 50.
They have been collecting rental money from their first house for 15 years - for which they have gradually increased the rent over time.
You paid for the following items in cash:
Used cars - and they'll drive them forever (Emily is perfectly happy in a 15 year old Honda Odyssey)
A boat
A mobile home
Tuition fees for their two children
Anything else they ever wanted
When I asked in disbelief if they had credit cards, Bob said, “Yes! We pay them out every month. "
They both have pensions
Since my two neighbors each began their apprenticeships at the age of 22, they knew they would have years to spare with the Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System in our state. They worked for 33 years and knew their pensions would drive them into retirement.
"Who Says Teachers Don't Make Enough Money?" Asked Bob. "It's all about how much you spend - not how much you make."
You also own an arboriculture business
Surprisingly, my neighbors (yes, even Emily, who sips lemonade) like to put on their bright orange jackets, pack helmets, and run chainsaws through their own arborist business.
That brings in a sizeable amount of cash - all through word of mouth in our town of 10,000 people.
When I asked Emily what advice she would give for free, she said, "Work a job you love, plan early, and never take on more debt than necessary."
"But how can you really retire?" I asked her. “Only $ 200,000 in your IRA? Really? "I had more questions: What do you do with insurance? Is it crazy expensive?
But Bob waved his arms at me and said (probably because I got too curious), "With our rental income, tree care business, retirement, and $ 200,000 in our IRAs, we'll be ready for the rest of our lives."
My neighbors put the puzzle pieces together early
That hit me back then - retirement provision is like a huge mystery. It doesn't have to come from just one source, such as B. Your Company 401 (k).
It comes down to setting priorities, planning, and achieving what you want in life.
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