How to Fall Asleep Fast When You Can't Stop Tossing and Turning

Real Life: You Wiped. But why, God why, is it always the night when you are deprived of sleep and you really cannot fall asleep? We asked the people in Beautyrest (yep, the mattress company) to find out how to fall asleep ... quickly. And it works.
What you are doing:
To doze in no time, just close your eyes and try to visualize the details of your children's home. Go down the aisles. Go in and out of each room. Imagine the photos hanging on each wall and the details of the Laura Ashley duvet you've had for at least a decade. The next thing you know is the birds are chirping, the sun is coming in, and, hallelujah, you've just recorded six hours of zzz.
Why this works:
Distraction, man. For every minute you concentrate on the nasty seventh grade photo that your mother just has to keep on the gallery wall, it's a minute less to worry about what happened at work that day .
Sweet Dreams.
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