How To Know If Your Crush Likes You, According To Their Zodiac Sign

Finding out how someone is feeling about you can be confusing, to say the least. According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, the stars can help us guide us. That's because each zodiac sign shows its crush in a specific, obvious way.

"You'll know right away if they're into you or not, and vice versa, if you understand your crush's romantic feelings," says Stardust, who recently partnered with Facebook Dating, when he unveiled his new feature to "Switch You" free your secret crush. "

With the quarantine cuffing season approaching, we have all the more reason to pay attention to the dating habits of every single zodiac sign on the list. This is where Stardust points out how exactly they let you know that they are in love with you.

Start with a simple one: you will know your energy vibrates because ... they will tell you. "They will haunt you endlessly by working hard for your affection and love," says Stardust.

"When it comes to chopping, the ram will faint immediately," notes Stardust. "Her impulsiveness makes her go headlong at the first person who challenges her."

A will communicate gently and sweetly with the person they desire, says Stardust. Be prepared for them to pamper you and give you small gifts like flowers or candy as a token of their affection.

But watch out for their horns! "The cop will be jealous of who you hang out with when they aren't," explains Stardust. "And they become territorial in the course of your time."

"If someone has a crush on you, they'll get nervous and speechless at your company because of the butterflies they feel," says Stardust.

You will know when a Gemini likes you when they invite you out with their friends. “They won't ignore you in the company of their team and they will brag about how fabulous you are,” she says.

Cancer becomes - surprising! - often take the lead when it comes to romance, but they will be totally shy at first. As soon as they ask you, the extrovert will shine in them.

"Once A grabs their claws on you, they'll never let go," says Stardust. "They'll keep pinching you to playfully argue with you."

"The extravagant, fearless Leo will blush in your presence and even calm their loud mouths out of shyness when you are around," says Stardust. Don't let her initial shyness put you off - can be extremely generous and romantic.

"If they like you, they will shower you with gifts every day and woo you with loving poems around the clock," says Stardust.

Stardust says that Virgos often fall in love with those they believe are on the same intellectual level as they are - the ones who make them brighten up on a day-to-day basis. Be prepared for playful, funny jokes.

"You will endlessly choose and criticize whatever you do," explains Stardust. "That shouldn't scare you, it should."

"Libras believe in this, so it's pretty obvious that they'll trap feelings for you, especially if you balance them out," says Stardust.

The Libra sign is happy to compliment the person she falls in love with. "They make you feel like the most important and only person in their world," she says.

"They'll spend hours, maybe days, having intense conversations with you, discussing everything from climate change to their eccentric friends to their favorite ice cream flavor," says Stardust.

You will know that a Scorpio wants to be more than just friends when they react instantly to your texts. "Dropping scorpions or people they aren't in," warns Stardust. However, if you have a regular chat, it is definitely a positive sign.

are drawn to people who challenge them - both in their minds and in their hearts. "They will try to provoke the mindset of the person they admire and worship," says Stardust.

You will know that they like you because they will never hold back. "Your thoughts won't be a mystery to you and they'll always be honest with you, even when the truth hurts," she says.

"Capricorns need to respect the person they fall in love with," explains Stardust. "They will pay you a lot of attention when you are emotionally and mentally on their level."

Caps are all business (85% of the time). When they start giving you a way to flirt, Stardust says that they totally feel you.

We hate to break you, but an Aquarius will use the childish and immature tactic of pretending you don't exist and barely speaking to you ... but Stardust at least says they will!

"The water carrier set up a post notification for your page on their social media account and is the first to view your stories every day," she says.

Those that do fall under this are not here to mess around. "Pisces know immediately if they are attracted to someone because of their intuitive nature," reveals Stardust. You will also have an artistic approach to winning your heart. "They'll draw you pictures and serenade you with a guitar solo," she says.

They will know they are in love with you the moment you start having long conversations on the phone. FaceTime appointments, here we come!
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