Hummer EV to be sold at only about half of GMC dealerships

The new 1,000 horsepower Hummer EV is sold under the GMC brand, but you won't find it in every GMC showroom. Currently, only about half of GMC dealers have agreed to take over the electric vehicle, Buick GMC Vice President Duncan Aldred told investors last week in a conference call.
According to Muscle Cars and Trucks, there are a number of reasons for the uneven availability. For one, there are the costs of upgrading dealerships to sell and service a fully electric vehicle. The shops would need to be upgraded with charging stations and the service centers would need new tools and training to work on an electric vehicle.
Then there is the customer experience. At $ 112,595, the first Hummer EV Edition 1 is aimed at a different clientele than the traditional GMC truck. The planned equipment variant EV3X, which will arrive at the end of 2022 and EV2X in spring 2023, will start at just under USD 100,000 and USD 90,000, respectively. Some salespeople believe that customers paying six-figure amounts for a vehicle expect certain subtleties that also require a showroom upgrade. At least free donuts.
Additionally, not all GMC dealerships are in areas with customers willing to peel as much cabbage for a new vehicle, especially an electric vehicle. A base of $ 80,000 will be available in 2024, so by then there may be more dealerships ready to take over the truck.
Finally, there are the straightforward pricing of the Hummer EV. Aldred firmly believed that customers see the same price on the Internet as they do on paperwork. This is part of the premium dealer experience that GMC is keen to bring to its well-heeled clientele.
Even so, GMC doesn't seem to have a problem moving any Hummer electric vehicles it can build. Despite the high price, all Edition 1 trucks were sold out 10 minutes after GMC's announcement.
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