Hundreds of shoppers love this 2-in-1 robot vacuum that also mops: 'Miles ahead of the Roomba!'

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To say that robotic vacuums are a thing of the future would be wrong, as these no-nonsense household cleaning tools are more commonplace today than ever before.
In particular, the coveted iRobot Roomba robot vacuum line is very popular with buyers. A new top-of-the-line option has hit the market, however, and buyers are already saying they are "miles ahead" of the Roomba.
Business: Proscenic M7 Pro LDS robotic vacuum cleaner, $ 339.15 (orig. $ 499)
Photo credit: Amazon
The Proscenic M7 Pro LDS robotic vacuum cleaner, currently 32 percent commercially available, differs from most similar devices, largely due to its 2-in-1 cleaning system. The product comes with a large dust container and water tank that users can use to sweep, mop or sweep and mop in sync.
To activate the wiping function, simply snap open the water tank, moisten the wipe and off you go. This puts the Proscenic unit miles ahead of the hugely popular (and more expensive) iRobot Roomba, which just sweeps and collects dust.
In addition to this innovative function, the Proscenic robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with an IPNAS 3.0 system that intelligently navigates and maps your home. With this technology, the device creates a real-time map of your living space so that it can follow the best possible cleaning path.
Image credit: Proscenic
This device also offers improved suction performance thanks to the installed 17.7 cm suction inlet. This allows for easy removal of dust and grime from wooden floors and easy removal of deep-rooted grime and hair from carpets.
The technological performance of the Proscenic robot vacuum cleaner is enhanced by the "Multi-Floor Maps Memory" function.
How it works: By using the ProscenicHome app, this device can store more than one card. This means that people with multi-story houses can simply place the robotic vacuum cleaner on the floor of their choice and automatically recognize which route they are using to take for optimal cleaning.
Other enthusiastic features of this product include the voice control capabilities, advanced laser technology, selective cleaning, long battery life, ability to climb strong obstacles, zone cleaning and prohibited area detection.
Image credit: Proscenic
Customers especially rave about the Proscenic M7 Pro. With a customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and over 800 reviews, the recently launched cleaning device for home use is already a huge success. In fact, several buyers have repeatedly emphasized that it is way better than the Roomba, especially at its discounted price.
"Miles ahead of the Roomba," wrote a five-star reviewer after revealing they bought three different Roomba robotic vacuums over the course of three years just so they could perform the same functions.
“At half the price, I was blown away by how smart this little guy is,” continued the same reviewer of the Proscenic M7 Pro. "The first run mapped the entire house, 2,500 square feet, beautifully."
The buyer stated that "while there were some problems with some of the wood transitions between rooms," he eventually "pulled back and walked diagonally towards them and cleared them."
"If you are considering a Roomba please save your money and buy this instead," pointed out the same buyer. "You will not be disappointed."
Another shopper raved about her love for this robotic vacuum cleaner and wrote, "If I had enough money, I would buy another one."
The only problems that buyers seemed to have with this product, however, are that the cleaning container is shown in the product overview on Amazon, but is available separately.
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