Hunter Biden said 'f--- 'em' to critics who called his art overpriced and joked that he may be 'the most famous artist in MAGA world'

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Hunter Biden said "f --- 'em" when asked how he reacts to critics who say his art is overpriced.
He also joked that he might be "the most famous artist in the MAGA world".
The White House deals with the look of Joe Biden's son, who sells products with high and arbitrary values.
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President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, did not mince his words when he responded in a podcast interview to those who criticized his art for being expensive and overrated.
"You seem in a good mood with this kind of crazy narrative about your painting," Nate Freeman, co-host of the Nota Bene podcast, told Hunter. "What is your reaction to people who, you know, are after the prices of labor, or just, you know, the collectors, I mean, what was your reaction to that?"
"Except 'f ---' em '?" Biden quipped when Freeman and co-host Benjamin Godsill burst out laughing.
"That's a pretty good reaction," Freeman said, while Godsill added, "I think that's all you need."
The younger Biden came under scrutiny when the Washington Post reported earlier this month that the White House was struggling to look like a presidential family member selling works of art of highly subjective and often arbitrary value.
According to the Post, White House officials helped draft an agreement that would allow Hunter Biden to make a living from his art without knowing who was buying his paintings. The deal was made with a New York gallery owner, who estimated that the younger Biden's paintings could sell for between $ 75,000 and $ 500,000 apiece, which art critics say were more like prices for established and successful artists.
Politico interviewed experts about Biden's art and asked them if they thought it was worth as much as it was being sold, and the vast majority said they thought it was overpriced.
Geoffrey Young, a New York poet, art critic, and curator, told Politico that while Biden's paintings were "much better" than he thought, the price range was still very high.
Hunter Biden is "complexly famous but not yet for art," Young told Politico, adding, "I think people will pay for a familiar last name."
National art critic Ben Davis, who wrote that Hunter Biden shouldn't sell his work at all, told Politico that his work is already being sold for the equivalent of pieces "in the top, top tier of" what for a young artist was conceivable. "
Addressing the unusual nature of his company in his podcast interview with Freeman and Godsill, Biden said, “I never said my art would cost what it would cost or how much it would cost, amazed if my art was for ten Dollar is being sold. "
He added, “But I know enough that the value of an artist's work is not necessarily determined by price, but price is sometimes completely subjective and completely arbitrary and sometimes has nothing to do with, you know, the moment. "
Biden's art project is the latest ethical dilemma his business relationships have posed for his father. He previously served on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings, which the Republicans criticized as a brazen attempt to cash in his family name.
Biden's involvement in Burisma became a centerpiece of former President Donald Trump's campaign and efforts to portray the Biden family as corrupt. However, independent experts and government officials testified that despite the look of Hunter Biden's work with Burisma, there was no evidence that his father was involved in his business or that Hunter Biden's activities were against the law.
Previously, in an interview, Biden referred to his status as a praye noire for the Republican Party and his connection to his art.
"I've shared my art not only with you and other people I care about, but with the entire Fox News, Newsmax and OAN audiences."
"In a way, I think I'm at least the most famous artist in the MAGA world," he added.
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