Husband enraged after wife accepts expensive gift from her parents: ‘He needs to get over himself’

A woman took a car from her parents and now her husband is angry.
She explained the dilemma on the Reddit forum "Am I the A ******". She and her husband have three children between the ages of one and four. Because of the cost of childcare, she cannot work, so the family can just make ends meet. When her parents discovered she didn't have a car, they bought her one. But her husband Adam didn't want her "charity".
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“We have a car that my husband uses for work,” she explained. “It definitely makes sense for him to have a car; I have no problem with that. But it's also not great that I don't have one. It is so troublesome to only leave the house for the local park between 8am and 6pm. [I] cannot run errands, go shopping or go on general trips during the day. I mentioned to my mom that it was a nuisance. A few hours later my parents called and offered to get me a car. "
She thought Adam would support her, but he wasn't.
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"I was super excited and told them I had to tell Adam," she wrote. “But Adam was absolutely against it. He said he didn't want to borrow from the family. I told him [it was] a gift, but he said it was worse because it was charity. He said no. I told my parents and no one was happy with it. My father in particular was enthusiastic. Me and Adam went back and forth for a couple of weeks before I got frustrated and said, "It's a gift for me, not you, and I'll take it." My parents gave us the car, but now my husband is very annoyed . My father always liked my husband before, but not anymore. My mother is not mad at anyone, but wishes I had listened to my husband to keep the peace. "
Reddit users thought Adam was completely unreasonable.
"He has to get over himself," said one person.
"He can stay angry," wrote another.
“Adam shouldn't be monitoring you. It's your gift, "commented one user.
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