Husband leaves wife in tears on wedding anniversary: 'Why do you do this to me?'

About 14 years ago Kayla and Drew Gottfried got married under a friend's pavilion.
After that, they took the tape of their wedding ceremony to a video editing store for transfer to disc. But the store told them the tape was empty. The Pleasant Hill, Ore couple. was certain that they had lost the footage forever.
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Two months before their 14th wedding anniversary, Drew received a message from a friend stating that they had found the tape containing the lost footage.
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The husband kept the secret until the day of her anniversary and shared what happened on TikTok.
“This is my wife, Kayla. Today is our 14th wedding anniversary! ”Drew explained. “She has never seen a video of our wedding ceremony. We were told shortly after our wedding that the video was accidentally deleted. "
Drew explained the setup while Kayla sat next to him in the theater and watched the performances. He said that she “had no idea what was going to be played and believed it was there to see one of her favorite films. But the husband had a pretty big trick up his sleeve.
"A few months ago a friend found the video with a pile of old tapes in our church and gave it to me!" He said. “I rented a theater and asked if they could play it for me instead of a film. Let's see their reaction to what we thought we'd lost forever. "
As soon as the wedding footage was played, Kayla was stunned. She covered her eyes, started crying, and asked Drew how he found the lost video. Drew described her reaction as "sheer luck" and described the bait and switch as a "successful surprise!"
"I just feel like we really could grow up together," Kayla later told the Washington Post. "Even though 14 years have passed, I still feel this young, dizzying love."
The emotional video received over 6.1 million TikTok views.
"I understand why you've been together for 14 years," wrote one user.
"I started crying as soon as it got dark in the room because I knew what joy she was going to have," said another.
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