Husbands Are Revealing Their "Yup, I'm Asking This Girl To Marry Me" Moments, And All I Can Say Is...Must Be Nice

With so many couples having to postpone their wedding dates due to the Panini (er, pandemic), it's predicted that 2.5 million couples will wed this year -- that's 15% more than the average. Of course, COVID-19 isn't exactly romantic, but that moment when someone realizes they've found the person they want to marry can be.
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So u/omg1223 decided to ask married men, "At what moment with your future wife did you think, 'Yup, I'm asking this girl to marry me'?" And in response, a lot of husbands came forward to mix it up to tell honest, sincere and hilarious stories:
1. "The day she took time off to help me search a dumpster. I accidentally threw my keys in the trash while cleaning my car.”
"We found her two hours later." —u/Danger0clock
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2. "Things were going really well, and I said to myself, 'If this keeps up, I think I'll ask the question next summer.' Then my mother had a stroke. We were all seated in the waiting area outside the ICU as only two people were allowed in at a time. It was my now wife's birthday - a Wednesday that year - and she did it. I don't hesitate to take the day off to sit with me and my family. I visited my father's house and she came with me. Her Italian instinct kicked in and she brought a load of groceries and a lasagna. My dad was a mess in the hospital and it fell on me and my siblings to talk to the doctors and make plans. I would come home and pour myself bourbon. She made me dinner and sat with me while I sobbed softly. It wasn't about how great we were when things were going well, it was about how perfect she was when things were going bad."
“I bought the ring two months later.
I'll add: This all happened just before Christmas. Since my mother was still in the hospital on Christmas Eve, I got a reservation at my father's favorite restaurant at short notice. My friend was with her family, but when we got to the table, we found a note saying that she called ahead to buy us two bottles of wine." —
3. "When she said, 'You know, if you asked me to marry you, I would say yes.'"
4. "When she met my parents, she put together an outfit and was like, 'What do you guys think? Does that mean hey parents look at me i'm amazing or i slept with your son on the first date? '"
—u/neutron fish
5. "When I first told my dad that I was dating someone new, he jokingly asked, 'What's her name? What is she doing? What bra size is she?' I told her about it, hoping to prepare her for his sense of humor, and she found it hilarious. When they first met, she introduced herself by saying, "Hi, I'm Stephanie! I'm in college and I'm B-cup.' My dad was horrified, my mom was laughing hysterically, and I was in love."
—u/i made mistakes
6. "I was 18 and had just had my wisdom teeth removed. I was drooling, my shirt was stained with blood, and it was summer. My girlfriend was 16 at the time. She took what little money she had from her allowance, bought me a box of ice cream and rode her bike for 25 minutes just to deliver that box of ice cream and see how I was doing. With bloodstains everywhere, she still looked at me so lovingly and kissed me on top of me. That was almost 20 years ago."
"I still can't imagine living a happier life without her." —u/[deleted]
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7. "During my first week as a paramedic, I had a two-year death with me. When I got home from work, I drove to my girlfriend's and told her about my day. I was quite numb at trying to process this child's death despite my best efforts. I lay down on her couch and she just wrapped her arms around me. She sat with me for three to four hours while I was trying to process it. She didn't push or ask a lot of questions, just lay still and hold me. I was able to talk my way through it, and then the tears started. she cried with me I thought the whole world was so dark and ugly, but it was my island of light. That week I started saving for a ring and asked her to marry me six months later.”
“In September we will celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary. I'm still a medic and it's still my island.” —u/Howler1122
8. "It was our first date and the last day of class before Thanksgiving. She should go home after class. It was a coffee date that lasted several hours. I wasn't worried about saying anything stupid or stupid. We were ourselves. It culminated in a shy kiss in her car before driving home. Her mother knew why she was late just by her whim. I went back to my apartment and I spoke to my roommate. I told him this girl was special."
"We're celebrating our 10th anniversary this summer." -u/GavinSnowe
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9. "This might be a bit unusual, but the way she could throw an insult around. I tend to playfully tease her and she was always able to joke immediately. We ended up insulting each other so much that my boyfriend had to reassure his girlfriend that we were just kidding and not hating each other. It was great."
10. "On or about our second date, my wife-to-be was on call for her medical job. Her beeper went off and we rushed to the hospital where I watched her treat a trauma case. I saw confidence, expertise, calm under pressure, kindness and caring, and a few other desired traits. After adding that to her package, I knew she was someone I could respect for the rest of my life.
"We're celebrating our 24th anniversary this fall." —u/1201 alarm
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11. "She opened her fridge and I saw that she had organized her jelly by the visible light spectrum. After we got married she confessed that she did it by accident and had no idea what I was talking about. She just rolled with it because she could see she scored."
"I kept them anyway." —u/mad_max_rebo
12. "We were young. I was moving across the country to be with her at the time and she was getting our apartment ready before I got there. Our bathroom was really really small floor. Because the rug was too big, she carefully cut out these notches for the sink and the front of the toilet bowl so the rug would fit perfectly flat. She cut the bathroom rug perfectly and I knew she had to be mine."
13. "She came to us for over two weeks and arranged to do a Batman costume for my cat. She put my cat in the costume and then chased the cat around the apartment and sang, 'DA-NUH-NUH-NUH, BATCAT!' After that, I never had a doubt."
"We're getting married next month." -u/BasicAlgebra
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14. "She insisted on cooking me a steak on one of our first dates. It was the best steak I've ever had. Shortly thereafter, drunk, I confessed my love. For the steaks, of course.”
15. “We spent three days in a month-long backpacking trip in Southeast Asia. We stay in a seedy hotel in Bangkok and she gets bad food poisoning. She comes 24 hours from both ends, of course am her designated nurse now, I fill up her water bottle, get her soup from the restaurant outside, keep her company and most importantly, empty the trash can she keeps throwing up in the puke bucket, I come back into the room and she sleeps. I looked at her and I was like, 'That doesn't even bother me. I would do anything for you. This is the woman I'm going to marry.' She's a disgusting puke fairy, but she's my disgusting puke fairy. No regret."
"We've been married a little over a week now." – u/Shit Superintendent
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16. "When I was a young lad, I bought a pair of swords. Now, for some reason, I still had them. When my now wife agreed to come to my house I decided to hide them in a storage closet because why would a grown man have these. A while later she was looking for something in said closet and I heard, "What the hell? You have swords? WHY ARE YOU HIDDING THOSE?!" I was ready to be mercilessly mocked. Instead, she handed me one and then started swinging. It was around that time that I realized I was going to marry her."
17. "My dad says he first proposed to my mom over a plate of lasagna. She had made it from scratch – like the pasta, made by hand from dough and everything. He proposed to her over noodles and she just rolled her eyes and said, 'Ask me again if you're serious.'"
"After dinner he asked again and she said yes." —u/daitoshi
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18. "My parents met 39 years ago last Friday while posing for a movie. My mother's friend knew my father from another friend and put her in front of a nun. Of course, they started dating. A few months later, my mother found a lump in her breast. My father's aunt died very young from breast cancer so it drove him insane. My mother had the knot removed. Turns out, have mercy, but my dad had already rushed off and bought an engagement ring. He always claims he knew it from the moment he saw her — but after a few glasses of wine, he'll tell you he saw what life could be like without her, and it wasn't worth living."
"They never fight, they always work together, and my mom's heart still skips a beat when he gets home from work." —u/squidkiosk
19. "I left my favorite CD in her car, Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater. She wasn't a big fan, but always took it when I heard her. One day I spoke to her on the phone while she was driving. When we said goodbye, she forgot to hang up. I waited a few seconds and heard her sing along."
20. "She and I casually dated for eight months when we went to a festival with our friends. When she was looking for our friends, I accidentally stepped on a girl's foot. I turned and sincerely apologized and the girl accepted my apology. However, her drunk friend started yelling at me. Then she threatened to attack me and said, "I'm a girl. You can't hit back.” As she pushed me, my wife-to-be came out of nowhere and slapped her so hard her shoe came off. I said, 'Yes, I'm marrying this woman.'”
— u/Probably your account
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21. "My father told me that when McDonald's opened in Moscow after the USSR collapsed and she ate six Big Macs in a row, he knew he wanted to marry my mother."
Konstantin Zavrazhin/Getty Images
22. "I don't care how cliche it is. I knew it the first moment I saw her. It was this super weird feeling of intuition that I had never felt before and that never went away. It was like, 'Yeah, you're going to marry her one day. In the meantime, you should find out because you're kind of a huge tool right now.” We didn't start dating until five years later. Up until then we had dated other people and had our own lives. During that time she was this little seed waiting patiently in the back of my subconscious.
“Marriage was sometimes euphoric and sometimes agonizing. Right now it's better than ever. Our second baby is due next week." —u/[deleted]
23. "My best friend and I took forever to realize we both had a crush on each other — embarrassingly. Eventually we started dating and moved in together. Everything was perfect. But as I lay in bed together one night, I realized that the thought of not having her in my life was unbearable and that I never wanted to let her slip away. We'd only been together about six weeks at this point, but I knew I wanted her to be mine. She died a few weeks ago and I never asked her to marry me."
“She died in a car accident. It was really hard to deal with. I cannot put into words how important she was to me. For someone like me, I don't particularly like most people. She was my absolute favorite; the best person in my life. The joy we had for each other was immeasurable, and everyone who knew us together knew we were soul mates. I could go on forever." —
24. "It actually happened with little fuss. We were lying in bed one night before bed talking about our relationship and our future. We had already bought a house together and a dog, and we had discussed marriage in the past, but it wasn't a big priority for either of us. That night we talked about how cool it would be to make our wedding feel like a reunion with a lot of old friends. It seemed really appealing and we knew we would be together for the rest of our lives. In the end she just said it: 'So, you want?' I said, "Yes, I think so! It makes sense!" Everything happened from there."
"It was completely unromantic! Yay for us! We now have eight years of marriage with two children.” -u/Fruit boots
25. "I actually have a photo of her when I realized it. Nothing special happened. We'd been together for a while, vacationing together in Mallorca Veranda, having a drink, and it just hit me, 'This is the girl I'm going to marry.' I immediately took a picture of her. The look on her face is something like, 'Why are you looking at me like that?'”
"She was wearing my sweatshirt because it was a bit chilly in the late afternoon. (It wasn't, but she gets cold unless it's at least 75°F.) She looked at the guidebook and map.
26. "For the most part, it was due to the fact that the day we started dating, she started living with me — not quite living there, just hanging out forever until it turned into living with me." I never thought about it too much until I thought about it a year later and realized we had never spent a day apart."
"We got married in September 2006 and we're still going strong." —u/ClumpyChunks
27. "We chatted and she kept making me laugh. Your sense of humor is incredible. It also helped when I took her out on an early date and she said, 'You're spending too much money on me.' She knew money was very tight for me (we were in college)."
"Our 34th anniversary is this Saturday." —u/EnterpriseArchitectA
28. "My wife and I were good friends before we got romantically involved. She was 'one of the boys' and it wasn't uncommon to fool around a bit. (That sounds sexual in hindsight, but it really wasn't. You know what you did to your sister when you were maybe 12, where you pinned her and threatened to spit on her by hanging the spit out of your mouth and then suck her back up at the last minute? (Dear God I hope I'm not the only one who has done this.) Well I did this to my girlfriend now wife except I waited too long and her accidentally spat right in the eye. She was angry like a normal person and burst out laughing."
"We've been married for 12 years." —u/poopsocker
29. "On our fourth date in October, we bought a cheap pizza and went to a park up north. We fell asleep and woke up freezing cold at 2am. Instead of getting up and leaving, we just hugged and went to sleep for two more hours."
"I knew from that moment that I was going to marry this girl!" —u/percybspencer
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30. "We were in a long-distance relationship and lived three to four hours apart. We had met at a concert and exchanged emails and MSN information. We emailed and chatted every day, fears and dreams sometimes for hours. I visited her every other weekend, and now and then she came to see me. About three or four months after I did that, I was home chilling and playing some game in my room. My dad calls up the stairs that I got a package in the mail. I come down the stairs, confused, and there she was. She came as a surprise to visit. Without thinking, I instinctively ran to her, hugged her, picked her up and spun her around a bit. I felt wholeness in my heart as if I was holding it filled with something I was missing. I knew then that I would never let her go (metaphorically speaking)."
"We've been married for over nine years and I still get that feeling when I hug and kiss her." —u/ThrowAwayTheTeaBag
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