Hyundai Ioniq 6, Genesis GV70e continue EV product blitz through 2022

A presentation by Hyundai to investors revealed an onslaught of competitive products over the next few years. It includes more electric variants of existing vehicles, as well as special electric vehicles for the Ioniq sub-brand, as well as updates to popular existing models that need to make sure they don't get stale.
Perhaps the biggest news is the fact that the Ioniq 6 is a sedan that follows the retro-cool Ioniq 5 hatchback and will hit the streets by 2022. With the styling resulting from the stunning Prophecy concept unveiled last year, it will help bolster the Ioniq sub-brand as an exciting choice for mainstream electric vehicles. It is classified as a segment C sedan, which means it will be roughly the size of a Honda Civic.
But before the Ioniq 6 arrives, an as yet undisclosed CUV will also be added to the line-up in 2021. It's not clear whether this model is destined for overseas markets or the US, but either way, Ioniq is emerging as a strong nameplate.
However, that doesn't mean it will be the only source of electric vehicles in the Hyundai empire. Following the introduction of the battery-electric G80 later this year, Genesis will offer a battery-electric version of its GV70 in 2022. These are referred to as the G80e and GV70e if trademark filings discovered earlier this year are any indication. Unlike the Ioniq 5 and 6, it will likely take the form of its gasoline-powered counterparts with only minor changes in design.
Updates to both the Sonata and the Palisade will hit the market in 2022. Both vehicles were completely new in 2020 and their strong design still looks fresh. However, Hyundai fully understands the importance of keeping its bread-and-butter supply fresh in a competitive market, unlike some Japanese and American automakers we might mention.
Nowhere in the presentation was there any mention of Kia as the company tries to keep the brands separate. However, Kia's boss has said the EV push is in full swing and is trying to outperform even Hyundai. The Hyundai juggernaut is showing no signs of slowing down, and other automakers should take note (or be very scared) of this.
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