I Almost Couldn't Believe My Eyes When I Read These 19 "Nightmare Customer" Stories, Like Is Anyone OK??

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I recently posted an article asking the BuzzFeed Community to tell me about the worst customers they've ever dealt with in a customer service job.
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I got a looooot of submissions and after it was published even more people shared their stories.
So here are 20 more stories about people's "nightmare customers" that will have you asking, "IS ANYONE OK?!?!"
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1. "When I was 17, I worked as a waiter at a steakhouse. A man who drank eight Manhattans in record time ordered a well-done steak so heavy that he left his handprint on me. No one could find their waiter, and no one could find the manager, so all I could do was take the steak back to the chefs and have it redone. When I brought the steak back to him it obviously wasn't done YET well enough (what did he want, a charcoal briquette??) so he got up, grabbed me again and yelled about it while stabbing his steak knife way too close to my face, to underline it out that he had treated his actual waitress so badly that she hid in the broom closet crying. I found the manager and told him everything and the ass responded by apologizing to the guy and offering him another damn drink. I resigned on the spot."
—Insert with here
2. "I worked for a small clothing store for over a year, and after the sudden and unexpected death of my partner's mother (my MIL), I took a day off to be with him and help him sort through her belongings . Because of this, the store was closed on a random Tuesday. When I walked in the next day, two ladies were waiting at the door and forced me to open earlier. One of them had the nerve to tell me (after I told her my MIL passed just two days earlier) 'I don't care what happened, you should have been here anyway.' Another customer told me I was "extremely selfish" when I explained I wouldn't be seeing my family over Christmas because my parents are both getting older and my 102-year-old grandfather was celebrating with them (that was when COVID was raging and there was no vaccine). I cried myself to sleep that night because I was already upset about missing a vacation, but that was the tip of the iceberg. I will never forget that."
—Fresh tasteph
Mario Tama/Getty Images
3. "I've had a lot of customer service jobs, but Starbucks was the worst. I got yelled at for many, many cups of coffee. One customer I won't forget was a woman who ordered a caramel frappuccino without dairy milk (coconut, to be exact). Here's the thing: Frappuccinos require whole milk or cream to stay firm longer, which means non-dairy ones melt much faster. When she ordered it, I informed her about it. She worked next door so she ran back to work but of course she came back a short time later. Her Frappuccino had melted (like I told her) and she screamed and screamed that it wasn't what she ordered and she demanded another. We did it and again, and surprise surprise it melted AGAIN. She asked for a refund but didn't get one as we told her twice this was going to happen and eventually she left with her melted Frappuccino."
4. "When I worked in retail, a woman used to come into my store and when I called her she would argue about prices. Like, 'No, it's $3.95!' I showed her the label and she hissed, "I didn't ask what the label said. I don't care. They call it $3.95 because it's all it's worth." While trying to explain why I couldn't, she accused me of being rude, contradicting, lying, and lecturing me on how stupid and worthless salespeople are (yes, those were her words).
Then she would scream for THE MANAGERRRR!! He would give her the same explanation we did, but she took it from him, not from us. She ranted while her order was ready about "stupid cheap people" and how she could always say who would never mean anything in life. When she gave her the bag, she would slap you hard on the arm or scratch it with her nails and say, "Oh, did I scratch you?" The shopkeeper didn't care."
— Fruit Loop1863
5. "I work at a take-out restaurant and yesterday a lady tried to return food that was a day old. She found out it was more expensive than she realized, so she wanted her money back."
– Honeyberry
6. "This one makes you wonder what on earth people are thinking. I work at a hardware store where we had one of our annual sales and most of the top selling items were near the store entrance. At one o'clock the entrance was this big table with towels on display and one day it suddenly started to rain quite heavily. Customers rushed into the store to hide and one of them started using the towels, which were FOR SALE, to dry off. Then a lot of others thought it was a brilliant idea too and dried themselves off with these towels as well, making them unsellable. SMH. I have to love her
– JaneDaria
Freeform / About giphy.com
7. "I worked at a privately owned movie theater that didn't offer discounts on afternoon movies. This one lady scolded me for "false advertising" at matinee screenings. She insisted, 'It's not a matinee if it's full price!' I told her that matinee only means it can be seen in the afternoon. She kept calling me stupid and that she would have us all arrested for false advertising. I hope she really tried to call the police.
8. "I used to work at a very upscale store in a very upscale neighborhood. One day a customer walked in and released his guts in a trash can in our fitting room. That was the most disgusting thing I've ever smelled in my life.
If that's not enough I had a friend who worked at a tanning salon in the same area and after a client left she went to clean the bed and shook out the towel they left and a huge piece Feces flew out ! I'm not sure how people can relieve themselves anywhere!"
"I KNOW!!! This happens quite often in the dressing rooms at my work.
— JaneDaria
“When I was 22, I worked at a Texaco where I was a gas station attendant and a cashier. I was working at the convenience store and was calling customers when I noticed an odor. I didn't say anything because if someone just 'picked their ass off' I didn't want to embarrass them or I thought maybe someone had dog poop on their shoes or something. But when customers cleared out, the smell didn't. I went to check and what I found was a whole pile of human shit on the floor in front of the beer cooler!! Someone wet their pants, poop fell out of their pants leg and just kept waiting in line and doing their shopping."
Universal Pictures / Via tenor.com
9. "As a teenager, I used to work the booth counter on Christmas Eve. I worked six hours without a bathroom break and our line was at least 10 people long throughout the day. When someone finally came to relieve me for a toilet break (and I had to leave SO BADLY), a customer grabbed my arm and said to me, 'Come back in!' I wanted to hit her but I just jerked my arm away and walked away. Don't fucking touch retail employees, they're only human!"
-A panda
10. "When I was in college, I worked at a burger/cocktail joint, kind of like TGIFridays, and it was in the middle of a business district, so we had a lot of people on a daily basis.
I don't know how else to put it, but the customers were horrible people. I had a lady (who was very pregnant) order a burger and list all the toppings she wanted added. I read her the order and she asked if I was stupid and 'Is that why you're repeating the order?' implying I can't remember what she asked for. I said, 'No, this restaurant does that for us.' When her burger came she LOST it because it had pickles on it. She starts sobbing and yelling at me. She took off the pickles and threw them in my face and demanded a new burger. Her family was dead silent. I tried to calm her down by telling her I'd get her another burger. The kitchen repeated their order and the manager delivered it this time because of the mess it had previously caused, but I was right next to him when he did it. Her first comment was, "Well, that took forever." Then she opened the burger and asked where the pickles were... I kid you not. Everyone at the table was trying to say things like, "Honey, you just told them you didn't want pickles," and she said, "Yeah, but I want them now! They are just stupid servers unable to get an order right!' My manager brought her a side of pickles, to which she replied, "Thanks for taking your sweet butt time for a hungry pregnant lady," and then she didn't tip. There were so many other terrible ones, but she was terrible."
– Spells and Curses ✨
Cbs / © CBS/Courtesy Everett Collection
11. "I worked at Macy's and it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had at a job. I worked in the clothing department and was yelled at by mothers of the bride and bridezillas every day during prom and wedding season. Most of the time I was left alone to clean soiled dresses at the checkout that were stained with discharge, urine and menstrual blood while I my many floor managers also emptied shelves of clothes back into the store after a mother complained that I had told her that her young daughter had damaged a display of Adriana Pappell shoes."
- Joanna
12. “I worked in retail banking for five years. A customer once yelled across the branch that my boobs were distracting him from his banking. My sweater was in no way a dress code violation and it was humiliating. My 20-year-old colleague was stalked by an older male customer and not only did she have to issue a restraining order, she had to move to another branch for some time. I've also been invited by customers several times and it was ALWAYS awkward and uncomfortable. It's usually not a good idea to slip a note to a bank teller to ask them."
13. "Once when I was working at K-Mart, only one register was open because two cashiers quit on the spot. There was a long line and this one woman decided to create a second line that just merged into the existing one, making the people who were already in line wait even longer. I said, "Ma'am, you can't do that," and instead of moving, more customers lined up behind her. She gave me that smug look like she 'won.' When I called a manager what to do, he told me not to waste any time (he was in his office watching a Denver Broncos game!!!) and just check everyone out, not just this woman and all the people successfully cut the line behind her but I was chewed by the rest of the customers who WOULD have been waiting and told I should have told her to go to the end of the line. You can't win in retail.”
– Linda's friend Ginger
John Rensten/Getty Images
14. "At the store I work in, we have a regular customer who is literally screaming for a discount. No matter what offers are on, it's never enough and she tries to make us feel guilty about giving her illegal discounts. She would alternate between the same two stories: "My husband is going to be so upset" and "I'm getting a divorce and I have no money." Maybe read the labels before I call $300 worth of lingerie? Last time I saw them my store manager was FINALLY there and she started her whole game with them. My manager quickly ended that and told her it was politics and so there was nothing she could do. Thank goodness I had warned her about this woman several times so she was prepared when she walked in. Haven't seen this woman since and thank god.
15. "I worked in a garden center for 28 years and had to deal with angry people quite a bit. Many of them bought azaleas while they were blooming and then brought them back a week or two later because the flowers were dying. I had to explain to them that azaleas only bloom once a year for about two weeks. Lol."
- Ropre
16. "An elderly lady once spat at me because we didn't allow half of her party of 10 to bring outside food to Mother's Day brunch. This woman wanted five people to bring food from somewhere else and eat it at our restaurant, which is clearly ridiculous. They all have to eat outside because we kicked them out right away. People are wild."
Drazen Zigic/Getty Images/iStockphoto
17. "My 'favorite' story is from my time at Staples. Someone put the wrong item on hold for a customer and she was upset, although it took her about three minutes to spot the mistake and grab the right one. I asked if she needed anything else and she said, "No, I wish you guys would sell guns because I'm freaking mad right now." I later told my manager about her and he thought it was funny."
18. "When I was a teenager, I worked at Blockbuster Video. On the eve of a long weekend or holiday, we got very long queues, and it wound around the store several times. We called people as fast as we could, but it was still a long wait. When everyone came to the checkout to pay, many were in a bad mood. This one lady got up to pay at my register and just walked up to me because she had to wait before I could call her videos or say anything. Then she took her videos and threw them at me, hit my stomach and ran out of the store. I was shocked but two of my colleagues ran after her to try and get her license plate. "
19. "I once had a customer throw coffee at me because K-Mart layaway had a $5 fee. I told her I was going to file a complaint and my manager grabbed my arm, pulled me backwards and started screaming at me as I awkwardly grabbed tissues to wash myself up. He yelled at me for threatening the customer and said if I reported him I would be fired. That was YEARS ago when I needed the job. Luckily the coffee didn't blister or burn me too badly, so I got back to work. At the end of the day, the same manager called me into the office and texted me. Why? Because my K-Mart shirt was stained with coffee, and it was 'against politics' to wear a dirty uniform to work. Now there are only three K-Marts in the country. K-Mart can suck it."
– Linda's friend Ginger
The story goes on

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