I Am Not Your Negro viewers praise "powerful" and "poetic" James Baldwin documentary

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I'm not your negro. The audience praised the "poetic" documentary for its "powerful" view of the life and death of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. through the eyes of James Baldwin.
While talk of systemic racism and equality continues after George Floyd's death and global protests against Black Lives Matter, BBC Two aired the movie tonight (June 20) - and those who tune in have used social media, to encourage others to try it out.
Photo credit: Magnolia Pictures
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Samuel L Jackson, originally published in 2018 and directed by Raoul Peck, recites Baldwin's unfinished 30-page manuscript for his proposed book Remember This House. The notes look back on his relationship with the trio of black activists mentioned above, as well as their similarities and differences.
"Watching [I'm not your negro]. It has always been powerful stuff, but part of writing about the American psyche (or rather, the white American psyche) is sharp and poetic," said a Twitter user.
"#IamNotYourNegro is the most impressive documentary I have ever seen, and I would say to everyone I have met that it is imperative to watch," said another after the show ended.
Photo credit: Magnolia Pictures
Elsewhere, a third added: "[James Baldwins] point at the beginning of the film - about the realization that the country of your birth has not developed a place for you - resonates with the importance of removing statues that give a sense of belonging to black are hostile to people in today's society. "
"Though it was an uncomfortable watch, I'm glad I saw that I'm not your negro. James Baldwin has formulated a powerful and heartfelt message and it is a stain on society that the fight was decades after his Death is far from over, "wrote another.
Read some more reactions below:
Jay Hayer
@ Jayhayer74
#IamNotYourNegro Powerful, articulated and intelligent. Baldwin is the voice of the generation of civil rights in our current climate. If you missed it, check it out
00:51 - June 21, 2020
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anita rani

What a powerful piece of television. #IAmNotYourNegro @BBCTwo I will see it again.
00:36 - June 21, 2020
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John Steinbeck
#IamNotYourNegro James Baldwin was able to articulate himself perfectly. We will miss his voice.
00:18 - June 21, 2020
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Bhushan Kumar
@ bogeyno2
Such a powerful and indispensable watch - make sure you see I Am Not Your Negro (on iPlayer in the UK) #IAmNotYourNegro
00:31 - June 21, 2020
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Lorraine McLoughlin
@ LorraineMcLoug2
I just saw James Baldwin's #IamNotYourNegro on BBC2. Deep and totally moving. look at it
https: //
o / status / 859497729319354368
I am not your negro

"A life-changing job." - @ nytimes # JamesBaldwins #IAmNotYourNegro is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD
00:36 - June 21, 2020
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Simon Fletcher
@ abookclubof1
· 15h
Finally seen this documentary after reading the book three years ago.
Simon Fletcher
@ abookclubof1
#IamNotYourNegro, what an amazing film. One of the hardest films I've ever seen, but I think everyone should see it. # JamesBaldwin was an amazing man with an amazing mind.
00:36 - June 21, 2020
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Tea foster
Just saw #IamNotYourNegro again. James Baldwin was such an incredible brother. Always open and without blows! # JUNETEENTH2020
00:39 - June 21, 2020
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Scott aa Wilson
@ Scottaawilson
Dear New Watch, I'm not your negro on BBC2. I think it really emphasizes the importance of witnessing to things that happen. Whether it's authors and journalists or someone on Twitter, the present is our story and our story needs to be documented.
Scott aa Wilson
@ Scottaawilson
Baldwin was a self-proclaimed optimist, and it seemed to come from the belief that changes would come, and those changes would bring individual and collective responsibility. I think we've seen a lot of it for the better lately. More people who want to make history proudly. I hope.
00:52 - June 21, 2020
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I'm not your negro is available to catch up with BBC iPlayer.
For more information on how you can support Black Lives Matter, visit the official website or donate here. Readers can also donate to the British anti-discrimination group Stand Up To Racism and the Unite Families & Friends Campaign, which supports those affected by police, prison and psychiatric deaths.
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