I ate the same meal at BurgerFi and Five Guys, and I was surprised that the fancier chain was cheaper

I ate a burger and fries from BurgerFi (left) and Five Guys (right). Rachel Askinasi/Insider
I've had a burger and fries at both BurgerFi and Five Guys to see how different they are.
Both chains take orders at a counter and call diners when the food is ready.
Both were delicious, but BurgerFi felt a little fancier in terms of food.
I compared the same meal from BurgerFi and Five Guys to see which was better.
BurgerFi (left) and Five Guys (right) are both fast-service burger chains. Rachel Askinasi/Insider and Edward Berthelot/Contributor/Getty Images
Both BurgerFi and Five Guys Burgers and Fries are quick service chains that serve a menu based on hamburgers and fries.
According to the company's website, Five Guys has 1,400 locations in 49 states, while BurgerFi has 120 locations in 22 states.
Since both chains specialize in the same foods, I ordered a cheeseburger and a small side of fries each to compare the food and atmosphere of the two chains.
BurgerFi has been serving its guests since 2011.
Outdoor seating in front of BurgerFi on Delray Beach in Florida.Rachel Askinasi/Insider
Growing up in New York, I don't recall ever noticing a BurgerFi location nearby. The chain is headquartered in Florida, and that's where I first tried it many years ago.
So on a recent trip back to the southeastern state I wanted to give it another try.
Five Guys Burgers and Fries has been serving fast food since 1986.
In my local NYC Five Guys.Joey Hadden/Insider
I've been a loyal Five Guys customer for about eight years now and have tried almost everything on the menu (and even some items on the secret menu, like a patty melt and a two-for-one burger chop).
A big difference that I noticed is the interior of the restaurants. BurgerFi looks more like a casual restaurant and bar to me.
The inside of a BurgerFi in Palm Beach County. Rachel Askinasi/Insider
Inside the restaurant looks like a cross between a bar and a no-frills restaurant, which I think makes it a good example of a fast-casual chain.
The soft-industrial decor featured a mix of metal and wood tables, hammered metal details, and lighting fixtures that looked like art.
The menu was displayed on large TV screens above the register and kitchen window, and next to the register there was a small selection of draft beers that reminded me of Shake Shack, a fast-casual burger chain that started in New York City.
I think the emphasis on aesthetics and variety of specialties on the menu makes this fast casual feel more like fast food - plus my food didn't come out quickly at all.
Five Guys has a more fast-food chain vibe with its tiled walls and bright red counters and uniforms.
The register at Five Guys in Manhattan.Joey Hadden/Insider
At Five Guys, the bright colors and tiled walls mentally transport me to a fast food environment. Even if you still order at a counter with a register and wait for your name or number to be called, the atmosphere is different than at BurgerFi.
Instead of beer on tap next to the register, there is bottled water and lemonade in a bucket.
Five Guys also has an open kitchen, meaning customers can clearly see everything that's going on behind the scenes as their food is prepared and cooked in the standard eight-minute time frame the chain uses to get their food to bring the customer.
At BurgerFi, I ordered a single cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, American cheese, and BurgerFi sauce.
In my only cheeseburger at BurgerFi.Rachel Askinasi/Insider
This burger was a customized version of the chain's BurgerFi cheeseburger (which usually comes with two patties and no pickles) and cost me $6.39 at the South Florida location. (Prices vary by market, and the same sandwich is $6.97 at a New York City location.)
I was amazed by the ingredients.
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