I Didn’t Think I Needed Another Hair Tool Until I Tried the L’ange Le Duo Hair Styler

Hair tools, unlike lipsticks or shampoos, for example, are not something you usually buy or often exchange. I've had the same blow dryer and straightener for years that have fallen on my bathroom floor more times than I can count. As long as it turns on and off, we're good, right? Who also has space for several tools? I definitely won't.
I'm sharing all of this to illustrate the ambivalence (and perhaps skepticism) I felt when I came across the L’Ange Le Duo Hair Styler.
Designed to create curls, waves, and straighten your hair, it was presented to me as an all-rounder, MacGyver of Styling Tools. In theory, all of these things are great and would save me much-needed storage space. Since I am personally learning in my 30s, multitasking is only effective if you are able to complete every single task.
Even so, I'm a naturally curious person and testing products is an important part of my job. That's why I decided to give Le Duo a chance. I also wanted to see what all the hype was about. (The styler has sold out repeatedly since its launch in June.)
I've already documented what my hair looks like: it's coarse, thick, and prone to frizz. It's neither straight nor curly, but usually uncomfortable between these two textures as shown above.
For reference, this is a photo that has just been rolled out of bed. I washed my hair the night before and applied my favorite Leonor Greyl styling cream while it was still damp so I wouldn't look like a Pomeranian in the morning.
Most days I usually pull my hair back into a loose ponytail, but when I'm in a zoom meeting or need to look presentable for some reason (i.e. when I'm sharing photos of myself on the internet for work) I usually add a few bends Add and smooth odd strands with a straightening iron.
Since the Le Duo came into my possession, my standby hair straightener has unfortunately received the shaft. Instead, I used Le Duo because it's even easier and more effective to make my hair look polished without much effort.
Do you see that smug grin? This is what someone looks like who has just discovered the secret of good hair days. (It's also the looks of someone whose caffeine just stepped in.)
To curl or curl your hair, just hold the tool vertically with the base facing down. Then squeeze the clip to open the plates and insert a 1-inch section of hair, starting around mid-length (or slightly higher, depending on where you want your curls to start). Rotate the tool away from your face as you slide it down toward your hair. More twists mean tighter curls; Fewer turns will give you looser waves than the one you see above.
Hold the styler horizontally to straighten and squeeze the clip to reopen the panels. Next, insert 1 inch sections of hair and slide them down from root to tip, maintaining even pressure. Voila. Presto. Bedhead, be gone.
I've been using Le Duo for a month and love creating gentle waves. It's lightweight and ergonomic, making it easy to hold and maneuver. It has adjustable heat settings ranging from 280 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit (I hover at a constant temperature of 360 degrees) and is equipped with tiny air vents that cool your hair on contact to keep it from overheating while conforming to yours Style (similar to the cool shot button on a hair dryer).
Basically, it's a new MVP in my routine because it's the rare hair tool that curls your strands as well as straightening them. Get it in pink, cream, or black and let me know it works for you! I am always invested in your good days.
Buy it ($ 89)
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