'I Faked Everything': WWII Vet, 98, Honored for Tricking Nazis with Illusions in 'Ghost Army'

WWII veteran, 98, honored for his service in a special forces unit that created elaborate illusions to trick Nazis
facebook Manny Frockt (right) with Florida Congressman Brian Mast
It's never too late to celebrate America's heroes.
Manny Frockt, 98, was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal on Saturday for the U.S. Army veteran's role in deceiving the Nazis with illusions during World War II, ABC affiliate WPBF reported.
Frockt was a member of the "Ghost Army," a once-secret army unit that used tricks -- like inflatable tanks, sound effects, and even fake radio transmissions -- to trick the Nazis and hamper their military objectives.
“Your unit was deliberately placed to be observed as a real unit, to be observed as a real and viable threat intended to attract the Axis attackers, and which was their reinforcement, to protect them from incoming aircraft or from artillery fire or from snipers to save who would approach or from another threat? It was selfless work," Brian Mast, a military veteran, congressman from Florida, said during the ceremony, per WPBF.
"I'm proud to be a part of this very small part of what we owe you, sir, and I couldn't be prouder that you're being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal," Mast told Frockt.
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Palm Beach County Vice Mayor Gregg Weiss also announced Saturday as "Manny Frockt Day" in the county, according to the WPBF.
"A big thank you to those who served and we are blessed to have Manny Frockt in our community, one of 10 remaining survivors of this unit and a joy to be with him today," he said.
It is estimated that thanks to their deceptions, Frockt and his unit helped save 15,000 to 30,000 American lives during the war, NBC affiliate WPTV reported.
"I faked everything," Frockt said of her tactics. “We had fake airplanes, fake balloons. You name it, I did it.”
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The news channel said there are only 10 surviving members of the ghost army. The unit had more than 1,100 members during World War II.
In February, President Joe Biden signed legislation awarding Ghost Army soldiers a Congressional Gold Medal, CNN reported. Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey was the primary sponsor of the bill.
"Through their bold, creative, and innovative tactics, the top-secret Ghost Army outmaneuvered and deceived the Nazis, saving thousands of Allied lives during World War II," Markey said at the time, according to the outlet.
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The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana features a touring exhibit of Ghost Army memorabilia.
The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center will host this exhibit from June 2022 through January 2023, and the Nevada Museum of Art will host the exhibits from March 2023 through July 2023.
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