I Lost 100 Pounds in a Year With 16:8 Intermittent Fasting and a Low-Carb Eating Plan

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My name is April Campbell (@snatched_journey) and I am 30 years old. I live in Laplace, Louisiana and am a mother who stays at home. I committed to losing weight last year by following a low-carb plan, along with 16: 8 intermittent fasting. I have lost 100 pounds.
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Before I lost weight, I struggled to always feel tired. I was pregnant with my fourth child and while I was pregnant I had hypertension. High blood pressure also occurred in my family, so it wasn't a surprise. But after I had the baby, my blood pressure problems never went away and I continued eating what I wanted.
My relationship with food was terrible. I stuffed my face during the holidays or celebrations just because there was something to eat. I would overdo it with carbohydrates, which would always make me lazy and tired. I felt like I had no control over the food even after I was full. The hardest was 275 pounds.
On February 4, 2019, I reached my break point at the age of 28.
I had a moment to see myself in the mirror, unable to believe how I let myself go. That day I said aloud to myself that only I have the ability to change myself. It's like I have a new attitude about losing weight.
From that day on, I made notes of what I had to do to change my feelings for my body. I started to record positive thoughts, what I ate during the day and what workouts I did, which helped me to stay motivated.
That day I also started my low-carb lifestyle.
When I decided to lose weight seriously, I started researching diet plans like keto, the carnivore diet, and low-carb diets. I ended up opting for a low-carb diet plan. A low-carb lifestyle worked for me (and still works!) Because it was less restrictive. Following this plan, I could still eat carbohydrates as long as I included them in my daily calorie intake for that day.
I also finally added the 16: 8 intermittent fasting method. I decided to try intermittent fasting after watching people's whole success story on YouTube. It was hard at first, but I was so determined to change my lifestyle that I could overcome the craving. After about two weeks, intermittent fasting became easy. Intermittent fasting amazes my body and helps with my digestion and avoids eating right before bed.
I also started counting calories, which made me aware of how much I really ate in a day, and it helped me to be responsible for my carbohydrate intake. I used the Carb Manager app for tracking.
I also started drinking more water, which was never important to me before. I started with the goal of drinking 64 ounces a day, which I eventually increased to a gallon. Water helps me stay full, and drinking water before eating prevents me from eating too much.
I usually eat the following in one day:
Breakfast: A spinach omelet with two eggs and two pieces of turkey bacon or oatmeal and turkey bacon
Lunch: tuna and eggs or a low-carb turkey wrap
Snacks: fruits such as apples, bananas or melons with almonds and cashew nuts
Dinner: Any combination of meat and vegetables
Dessert: A Fiber One Brownie or muesli bar
I started training right at the start of my trip.
I didn't exercise at all before I started losing weight. When I started, I could hardly finish training because I was so out of shape and exhausted. But I worked hard. My workout routine sweated five days a week, including walking and elliptical training. I started walking for 30 minutes in the morning and did elliptical training for 30 minutes after my last meal.
Now I go and jump rope. I got on the skipping rope because I am a mother who stays at home and I needed an exercise that was easy to do and that required minimal equipment. It was not difficult for me at all because it became something that I and my daughter could do together. We have so much fun jumping rope. I don't do any specific jump rope training, but my goal is to jump 1,000 jumps three to four days a week, and I walk an hour every day.
I lost a total of 100 pounds in one year.
I want women to know that it is possible and that we all can. I would also like to tell women to stop moving into the background just because we have children and have a busy life. We cannot be our best self to our children or others unless we are really happy with what we are.
I gained a wonderful confidence that I had never seen before. Confidence is great, but even better, I am no longer tired and can run and play with my children.
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