I'm an Olympian. Here are 8 of my favorite easy dinners.

I allow myself to be eaten in moderation what I long for. Gemma Acheampong
I am a Ghanaian Olympian and semi-professional athlete who loves preparing my dinners.
Adding vegetables to time-tested favorites like pasta is an easy way to make a well-rounded meal.
Giving yourself space to eat whatever you want, like burgers or tacos, can help you stay on track.
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Burgers are filling and easy to throw together.
I can change the protein in my burgers. Gemma Acheampong
Burgers are super easy to throw together and even easier to prepare.
I usually buy ground beef and make my own patties instead of buying the preformed ones because I prefer to season them to my own taste.
To change things up, I sometimes trade ground beef for chicken, turkey, or salmon.
You can pack a lot of flavor into fried rice.
I like to make my fried rice with kimchi. Gemma Acheampong
Fried rice is one of the tastiest and fastest stews out there.
When I have kimchi on hand, I make kimchi rice. If not, regular fried rice works just as well.
I also make sure to add some type of protein (eggs, steak, chicken) and vegetables as a side dish.
I haven't always been a salad fanatic, but I've found some flavor combinations that really work.
Salads don't have to be boring. Gemma Acheampong
Salads are not my favorite food, but I'm still trying to experiment a bit to change that.
My favorite salad has always been a classic Caesar, so I looked up salad recipes and ideas, and tried some new combinations. I found that adding a new protein like steak to something familiar is an easy way to change things up.
I also thought about the flavors I love and tried them in salad form, like a taco salad. I make mine with grilled shrimp, grilled corn, tomatoes, carrots, mashed tortilla chips, and homemade coriander and lime dressing.
Salads sound time consuming, but the only tricky parts are cooking the protein and deciding on a dressing.
When I want to prepare a large meal, I resort to soups and stews.
I can make a big pot early in the week so I have leftovers. Gemma Acheampong
Soups and stews are great if you want to make a huge serving for the week. Plus, there are a million recipes online that you can take inspiration from.
This week I had a craving for seafood, so I made a simple stew of clams, prawns, mahi-mahi, and scallops.
I had it with breadsticks the first few days, and I made it longer by adding some pasta later in the week.
Pasta is a crowd-pleaser and it's super easy to make.
Pasta fills you up and can be super aromatic Gemma Acheampong
Pasta is always a popular family meal, and it's easy for those who have difficulty cooking.
The key is using a red sauce in the jar that tastes great and takes very little cooking time. Then just mix proteins and vegetable additives together. My favorites are spinach and ground beef or chicken.
You can also use store-bought pesto for a refreshing change. This requires even less cooking since all you have to do is toss the finished pasta in it.
There are endless ways to fill taco.
I like increasing the protein in my tacos. Gemma Acheampong
I love meals like tacos where the protein can be anything I want. I can change the tastes for the week depending on my cravings.
I don't get a lot of veggies with this meal, so I try to make my fillings healthier by using spinach, avocado, and fresh tomatoes.
Protein and vegetables with rice is a staple formula.
This meal doesn't require a lot of preparation or extra thought. Gemma Acheampong
Sometimes I run out of ideas for the week. In these cases it is enough for me to sauté or grill some protein and steam some vegetables.
My protein of choice is beef, but chicken and turkey are leaner options. For vegetables, broccoli or asparagus, steam quickly and never miss the taste.
I can't survive without carbs, so I usually add a side dish from whatever plain or flavored rice I have on hand.
Every now and then I order a fresh meal set to make dinner planning easier.
Meal sets are great for busy nights. Gemma Acheampong
From time to time I will use a package delivery service. I think they're great for people who don't cook often, hate leftover food, or are at a dead end and want to try new things.
There are so many different types of services out there these days. I recommend choosing one that suits your goals and diet.
Because the ingredients and recipe come together, there is no need to plan ahead or do a lot of prep.
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