'I'm done, OK?': Ron Rivera gets fed up with answering Dwayne Haskins questions

"I'm Done": Rivera is fed up with answering Haskin's questions, which originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington
On Monday, Ron Rivera spoke about how he wanted the discussion this week to point solely to Washington's matchup with Carolina, and not to any type of narrative about him prior to his previous franchise.
On Wednesday, the head coach returned the focus to Sunday, but he did so much more forcefully, discouraging requests on a very different matter from seeing the Panthers again.
At the beginning of his post-workout press conference, Rivera made a statement regarding Dwayne Haskins' maskless celebration and violation of the NFL's COVID-19 protocols. In the statement, he revealed that the quarterback is no longer a captain and explained, among other things, how Haskins apologized to his teammates for his bad decisions.
"I would appreciate it if we could all go ahead and keep the questions on this topic brief," he said at the end of his opening speech.
Unfortunately for Rivera, the questions about the story that now overshadows everything on the field were not brief.
Rivera was asked: 1) whether Alex Smith's health influenced his decision to keep Haskins on the roster, 2) overall why he chose not to deviate entirely from the passerby or make his punishment more severe, 3) whether he anticipated the NFL take further action on the matter, 4) how this whole situation could affect the culture he is trying to build within the organization, and 5) how the rest of the roster responded to the 23 year old's apology.
Then when the next reporter started speaking, Rivera cut that reporter off to say:
"OK, just so everyone knows, we're going to play the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, OK? I've answered enough questions, you've had enough opportunity to get enough information about it, OK? We're playing Carolina. If I don't, If I have more Got questions about Carolina, am I done, OK? Let's face it, don't make the interesting things important. What's important for this franchise right now is that we move forward. We're playing on Sunday. I want to get it. This is real Sure. We're playing on Sunday. The Sunday game is more important to me than what happened. What happened was dealt with, there were consequences, OK, and now we're going to do it. What's important. That's interesting. That has been dealt with. Now let's talk about the Carolina Panthers versus Washington Football Team, please. "
Since week one, Rivera has addressed the media on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and after the games in a typical week. The availability on Wednesday was higher than ever on the podium.
That kind of setting and intensity could come in handy in the locker room as Washington's players, including Haskins, can't let this new drama affect their week 16 performance.
As it plays out in front of the cameras, Rivera will be holding his next press on Thursday.
The questions about his QB's behavior are unlikely to go away.
It should be another lively one.

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