I'm Just Going to Say It: H&M's Swimsuit Section Is Fire RN

This is a public announcement for all of my swimwear-obsessed people out there. When you buy swimsuits, you are likely to be able to find the best suits in your stores and retailers. However, I would like to insist that you add another one to your list of swimwear sources this summer: H & M.. Yes, the affordable retailer that we all know and love, from wardrobe basics to pretty dresses, currently has a healthy selection of cool swimsuits in stock, and I don't want to point this out to you.
When I leafed idly through the summer section recently, I came across a pretty bikini with a floral pattern, which prompted me to double-take. Wait, do I see that correctly? Is this suit really under $ 20? It was hard to believe what I saw, so I ventured into the swimwear department to find even more examples of cool and trendy suits that surprisingly didn't hurt my wallet.
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Scroll down to buy the best H&M bikinis and one-pieces that the retailer currently offers - from pastel-colored floral patterns and eye-catching rib structures to edgy cutouts and instantly shimmering fabrics (and even more swimming trends on my radar).
H & M one-shoulder bikini top ($ 20)
Whoever said that black bikinis have to be boring obviously never saw that.
H&M Brazilian bikini bottoms ($ 18)
These are tasteful cutouts.
H & M Padded Bikini Top ($ 20)
I'm not sure what I'm getting more into - the batik print or the ruffle detail.
H & M valance trimmed bikini bottoms ($ 15)
Just one of several good color options.
H&M ribbed swimsuit ($ 35)
Thanks to the ribbed texture and buckle details, this looks well over $ 35.
H & M Padded Bikini Top ($ 20)
Try to avoid getting compliments on this shimmering fabric, I dare you.
H&M bikini bottoms ($ 13)
There's a reason why this high-cut leg style is so popular.
H & M padded triangle bikini top ($ 18)
Classic bikini shape. Trendy print update.
H&M bikini bottoms ($ 13)
The minimal side straps feel particularly fresh.
H&M swimsuit with high legs ($ 13)
Flowers inspired by the 70s feel very good right now.
H&M padded bandeau bikini top ($ 6)
Ribbing + pastel = a big bikini win.
H&M bikini bottoms ($ 6)
These are available in baby pink, powder blue, mint and lilac.
H & M padded triangle bikini top ($ 18)
The scarce swimming trend that celebrities are obsessed with.
H&M bikini bottoms ($ 13)
Time to update your string bikinis with this silhouette.
H & M Tie Front Bikini Top ($ 20)
We love a bikini top that can also be used as a crop top.
H&M bikini bottoms ($ 18)
Basics of swimwear 101.
H & M Padded Bikini Top ($ 20)
Leopard prints may come and go as a trend, but let's face it - the print is forever.
H&M bikini bottoms ($ 15)
It's always a good time to invest in animal prints.
H & M padded triangle bikini top ($ 18)
The scalloped ornament is just so pretty.
H&M bikini bottoms ($ 15)
I love this lemon color.
H&M padded cup swimsuit ($ 25)
Another swimsuit with glitter because it's really a big trend right now.
H & M Padded Bikini Top ($ 20)
Ring bikinis are a favorite of French girls.
H&M bikini bottoms ($ 15)
They also feel retro.
H&M patterned swimsuit ($ 40)
I'm not one who wears a lot of prints, but it looks funny and is particularly easy to wear.
H&M Bandeau bikini top ($ 18)
No lines in sight.
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