‘I’m No Longer Making Myself Available to The Bachelor Universe’: Rachel Lindsay Reflects on Her Time as The Bachelorette, Parts Ways With the Franchise

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Rachel Lindsay just wrote an article about her time as a Bachelorette. Let's get into that, shall we?
On Monday, Vulture published an article written by Lindsay that delved deep into the politics behind the popular reality show. Starting with the ordeal that caused Chris Harrison's recent exit from the Bachelor franchise, Lindsay reflected on her experience as a candidate on The Bachelor, her experience as the first black Bachelorette, and the subsequent backlash and revelations she has come to now after she has separated.
"In 2018 I felt like I had changed the franchise by just portraying myself as a black professional woman in her thirties - these things had never been seen on the series before," Lindsay began in part. “In the years that followed, I had gone from being a former diversity advocate to being critical of the show and trying to hold those involved in it accountable. When this section aired with Chris, I was known as the always trouble contestant. 'That Rachel Lindsay' who couldn't stay calm, who bites the hand, who feeds, the No. 1 public enemy of Bachelor Nation. "
What followed next was a recap of her stay at The Bachelor Mansion, including an unflattering description of the living conditions as well as the psychological toll the series took on her and her body.
“The show bands for ten weeks. In the beginning you are stuck in the villa. I hated it. I always tell people it was the dirtiest place ever. Think of the movie The Money Pit. Once inside you will see the cracks in the foundation. Devices do not work; the back yard isn't complete. (This is in addition to 22 women who live in three rooms.) When we left, my eyes were puffy. I had an allergic reaction from lack of sleep, too much drinking and dehydration. "
Lindsay also revealed her feelings about certain men and storylines during her time as The Bachelorette, including her disdain for the show's producers who prioritized "people who might be causing drama in the house," and her urge to "narrate of a black man who had hardly dated a black woman. ”(She brought the latter to light almost a month ago today.)
At the end of the piece it is obvious (and explicitly said) that Rachel Lindsay does not want anything to do with the further development of The Bachelor Nation. And after learning what I just learned, I probably wouldn't either.
“I am no longer available to the Bachelor universe (although any candidate, past, future or present, who needs my advice can call me). I'm no longer a figurehead for the franchise. I'm no longer a spot filler. I am no longer the face of the diverse. The goal for me was always to be that person until I could step back because the change had happened and I could sit back and enjoy. That didn't exactly happen, but I'll sit back carefully and watch the upcoming season with Michelle Young - the next black bachelorette - to uplift and support her.
This article appears in full in the June 21, issue of New York Magazine.

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