I made 4 celebrity chefs' biscuit recipes, and the best were little pillows of deliciousness

I've tried four different cookie recipes from celebrity chefs. Paige Bennett for Insider; Jason Merritt / GettyImages; Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images on the discovery
I made cookie recipes from celebrity chefs Bobby Flay, Carla Hall, Alton Brown and Guy Fieri.
All of the cookies were delicious, but Hall's and Brown's sagged a little.
Fieri's recipe that resulted in lovely pillow-like cookies was my favorite.
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Biscuits are one of those rare, versatile foods that work any time of the day - smothered in sauce or jelly for breakfast, used as bread for an afternoon sandwich, or as an appetizer for dinner.
Just as there are many ways to enjoy cookies, there are even more ways to make them. That's why I decided to try four popular recipes from celebrity chefs Bobby Flay, Carla Hall, Alton Brown, and Guy Fieri to see which are the best.
Read on to see how the recipes stack up.
Flay's buttermilk biscuits required a coating of freshly ground black pepper
Bobby Flays biscuits are coated with pepper. Paige Bennett for insiders
Flay's classic buttermilk biscuit recipe called for fairly typical ingredients like extra cold butter, flour, and buttermilk.
What struck me the most is that these cookies are coated with cream and a pinch of freshly ground black pepper before baking. As soon as they come out of the oven, they are coated with melted butter.
These cookies were the quickest of the bunch
It all came together in a few minutes. Paige Bennett for insiders
I started by mixing the dry ingredients in a large bowl, then "cutting" in the small pieces of extra cold butter with my hands.
After I added the buttermilk it quickly got a little messy. The dough was sticky and difficult to remove from my fingers.
I cut these cookies with a round shape. Paige Bennett for insiders
From there I put the dough on a floured cutting board and pounded it into a rectangular shape before making each cookie with a circular cutter.
I feared these cookies wouldn't have the right texture as the recipe didn't require wrinkling.
The biscuits are coated with cream and pepper. Paige Bennett for insiders
I put each biscuit round on a tray with a silicone baking mat, then brushed them with cream and sprinkled with black pepper.
The cookies didn't take any rest time so I put them in the oven and baked them for 12 minutes.
I finished them off with a butter brush. Paige Bennett for insiders
They came out golden with a good height and I finished them off with a generous brush of melted butter.
Flay's cookies looked the best
I liked the look of these cookies. Paige Bennett for insiders
I was incredibly impressed with how these looked. They were a perfect golden color and the floors were golden too but not burned.
Bobby Flay's cookies were fluffy inside. Paige Bennett for insiders
I split one up and it had a light, fluffy texture on the inside with a slightly crispy outside.
I liked the little kick from the black pepper on top and the taste was slightly buttery. I think the dough itself could have used a little more salt or butter for more flavor. But overall these were pretty good.
Hall's flaky buttermilk biscuit recipe called for standard ingredients too
There was nothing surprising on the ingredient list. Paige Bennett for insiders
For the most part, Hall's recipe called for ingredients very similar to the others, the only big difference being sugar.
When it came time to grate the butter, things got a little tricky
Hall's recipe says you can use either a food processor or your hands. I decided to use my hands for fear of mixing over the batter.
The recipe started out pretty simple. I just mixed all the dry ingredients together.
I put the butter in the freezer about 30 minutes before starting work on Hall's recipe, but that didn't seem long enough. When I started rubbing, the butter quickly melted in my hand and on the grater.
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