I toured a Miami apartment to see how it compared to my NYC apartment, and I'm still daydreaming about the extra bathroom and outdoor space

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The Insider reporter compared her NYC apartment to a Miami apartment of a similar rent. Joey Hadden/Insider
I saw a two bed apartment for rent in Miami that cost the same as my $1700 month apartment in NYC.
The Miami apartment was more than twice the size of my one and a half bedroom apartment in NYC.
I can't stop thinking about the bigger rooms, the outdoor space and the extra bathroom.
During a trip to Miami I was curious what it would be like to live in the sunny city.
The author faces the ocean in Miami.Joey Hadden/Insider
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So I checked Zillow and found several Miami apartments that cost about $1,650 a month, which is what I pay for my Brooklyn apartment.
A screenshot of Apartments in Miami that the author found on Zillow.Zillow.com
I was intrigued by a two-bedroom condo in Little Havana that was listed for $1,700 during my visit to Zillow. That's about 40 minutes by public transit to downtown Miami.
An outside view of the Miami apartment the author visited.Joey Hadden/Insider
Source: Zillow
The condo, which is no longer available for rent at the time of publication, was on two floors, had extra amenities I don't have, and covered 1,100 square feet. That's more than twice the size of my apartment in Brooklyn.
An outside view of the Miami apartment.Joey Hadden/Insider
In Brooklyn, I live in an apartment that is less than 500 square feet and is about 30 minutes by train from Lower Manhattan.
A view of the outside of the author's Brooklyn home.Joey Hadden/Insider
According to my lease, I technically have a one and a half room apartment. But I only use one room as a bedroom and have two additional small rooms that I use for work and rest.
The living room in the author's Brooklyn apartment.Joey Hadden/Insider
While I love my Brooklyn apartment with all its quirks — looking at you, windows that face each other — I decided to tour this Miami apartment to see what I might be missing.
The author's windows to nowhere can be seen. Joey Hadden/Insider
As I walked in, I was greeted by a bright, sunny kitchen about the size of my kitchen in Brooklyn. I think it also had the same amount of counter space and storage.
The kitchen in the Miami apartment.Joey Hadden/Insider
My kitchen also has windows that let in natural light, which I love.
The kitchen in the author's Brooklyn home.Joey Hadden/Insider
But one cool thing about the Miami apartment kitchen that I don't have in Brooklyn was an interior window that looked into the living room. I imagined I could watch TV while doing the dishes.
The kitchen window in the apartment in Miami. Joey Hadden/Insider
In Brooklyn, my sink is in front of a wall and the refrigerator blocks my view of my small living room.
A wide view of the kitchen in the author's Brooklyn apartment.Joey Hadden/Insider
The living room in the apartment in Miami, on the other hand, seemed huge to me. I thought it seemed almost three times the size of the living room of my Brooklyn apartment.
The living room in the Miami apartment.Joey Hadden/Insider
I was excited to see a sliding patio door leading to a small balcony in the living room of the Miami apartment.
The living room in the Miami apartment.Joey Hadden/Insider
I thought the terrace overlooking the greenery in the courtyards below was just big enough for two to comfortably enjoy.
Two views from the balcony of the apartment in Miami. Joey Hadden/Insider
Back in Brooklyn, my bedroom window opens onto a fire escape overlooking a sidewalk that I use as an outdoor space.
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