I tried 15 of Target's seasonal fall foods, and would buy at least 10 of them again

Target has plenty of seasonal snacks for fall. Paige Bennett
Target has several seasonal products for fall, from desserts to an abundance of trail mixes.
I loved the Pumpkin Pie Granola and Pumpkin Spiced Hot Chocolate from Good & Gather.
Favorite Day's caramel apple cookies and candy apple pretzels were disappointing.
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The cream cheese frosting pumpkins were the perfect dessert.
Favorite daily bakery Pumpkinkins. Paige Bennett
The canapes look like tiny pumpkin cakes, but taste more like pumpkin bread or cake.
The middle is very dense with a strong ginger flavor, which I liked a lot. The cream cheese frosting balances the taste of the spices. Although rich and very sweet, these little treats were the perfect size for me to enjoy one or two at a time.
Conclusion: I would definitely buy this again. They taste delicious, but the size makes them less overwhelming as they are quite filling.
The candy apple pretzels were a little too sweet and very sticky.
Darling Day candy apple pretzels. Paige Bennett
While I wasn't sure what to expect from candy-apple flavored pretzels, they were better than I imagined. This snack definitely nailed the candy apple flavor.
The coating was super sticky so most of the pretzels in the bag were sticking together, and the coating started to melt on my fingers even after I just grabbed a pretzel. The taste was okay, but they were very, very sweet. I didn't taste anything of the salty pretzel.
Verdict: I would probably skip this one in the future. I like pretzels, especially coated ones for a sweet and savory treat, but they were just too sugary for me.
The crunchy caramel apple cookies were one of my most unpopular products.
Favorite Day caramel and apple crispy biscuits. Paige Bennett
I love cookies, caramel, and apples so I had high hopes for these fall cookies.
They came in a small bag in a much larger paper bag, which was kind of deceptive. I wish they came in a box or resealable bag instead.
I was also shocked at the size of these cookies. These were much smaller than I thought. Still, I love a mini dessert.
Unfortunately, these tasted overwhelmingly of artificial apple aroma.
The texture was off too. The cookies are super crispy and crumbly which is ok, but they have super chewy dried apple pieces inside.
Conclusion: Unfortunately, no part of these cookies really impressed me, from the taste to the texture to the packaging.
I didn't like the texture of the apple, cinnamon and pecan student mix.
Favorite daily apple, cinnamon and pecan student mix. Paige Bennett
Target has several limited-time trail mixes for the fall. The first one I tried sounded promising, with a combination of cinnamon-flavored pretzel balls, apple-flavored pecans, dried cranberries, and dried apple chips.
At first the flavors were very apple-heavy and sweet, but then they went from the nuts to a salty taste. The cinnamon pretzel balls were my favorite - wish they only sold bags of them.
But the overall texture was off-putting to me. Every bite was super tough. Despite the nuts and pretzels, this student mix wasn't crispy at all.
Conclusion: The flavors for this blend are good, but I really didn't like the chewiness. I would skip this one as there were some other seasonal trail mixes that I liked more.
The rustic student mix of pumpkin and spices had a good sweet-salt ratio.
Favorite Day rustic pumpkin and spice student mix. Paige Bennett
In the student mix, I love contrasts between sweet, salty, chewy and crispy. The rustic pumpkin and spice student mix hits all of these tones. It was sweet, but there was also some seasoning of cinnamon and saltiness from the nuts and pretzels.
It had more of the delicious cinnamon-flavored pretzel balls, plus pumpkin-spiced peanuts, pumpkin seeds and yogurt-coated raisins. The nuts and pretzel balls were all crispy, and the toppings and raisins balanced that with a bit of toughness.
Bottom line: If I fancy a trail mix, I would choose this option again because it balances sweetness with saltiness and crispness with toughness.
Scarecrow Crunch reminded me of my childhood.
Favorite day scarecrow crunch. Paige Bennett
When I was a kid, I loved eating "puppy chow" at potlucks or school events - a dessert usually made from pieces of wheat grain with peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar.
The Scarecrow Crunch is a far cry from what I think of when I think of trail mix, but this fall product featured chocolate and powdered sugar coated cereal pieces along with peanut butter candy, peanuts, chocolate coated marshmallows, and white chocolate coated oatmeal.
I skipped the marshmallows that contain gelatin which I don't eat, but the rest of this student mix was a very nostalgic treat. I loved the chocolate peanut butter flavor combo in this student mix.
Bottom Line: This is too cute to enjoy on a hike, but the Scarecrow Crunch would be a perfect movie night snack. Aside from the marshmallows - please make some gelatin free ones, Target! - I loved this trail mix and would buy it again.
I wasn't surprised I didn't love the Candy Corn Crunch Trail mix.
The most popular trail mix from Day Candy Corn Crunch. Paige Bennett
I don't like sweet corn so I wasn't expecting to like this mix of students, but I was open to surprises.
This mix contains sweet corn, honey-roasted peanuts, raisins, and white chocolate-coated pretzel balls.
I loved the pretzel balls, raisins, and peanuts, but the sweetcorn just wasn't for me. Raisins and peanuts are in most trail mixes, including several Target fall mixes, so I could easily decide on another item.
Bottom line: The sweet and salty combo in this student mix is ​​great, but I just don't like sweet corn. I could find pretzels, raisins, and peanuts in a lot of other trail mixes so I'd skip this one.
I found the pumpkin and spice almonds a bit overwhelming.
Favorite Day Pumpkin Spiced Almonds. Paige Bennett
I love almonds and glazed or dark chocolate coated almonds are a regular on my shopping list. I had hope for these coated pumpkin-spice almonds, which actually have two flavors: pumpkin-spice and bourbon-vanilla-bean.
The flavor came through strong, but so did the sweetness. Each almond was coated in flavored white chocolate, and there was just too much coating on each almond, which made them way too sweet.
Conclusion: Although I expected to love this one, the cover was too thick and too cute for me. I prefer plain almonds.
I preferred the pumpkin and spice pretzels to the candy apple pretzels.
Favorite Daily Pumpkin Spice Pretzels. Paige Bennett
After the candy apple pretzels, I was unsure of the pumpkin and spice alternative. But these coated pretzels were a better balance between sweet and salty, plus some flavor.
The pumpkin and seasoning pretzels were less sweet than the candy apple option, and I was able to devour a bunch of these crispy snacks in one sitting.
Conclusion: These crispy, sweet, salty, hot pretzels were delicious and I wanted to eat a handful at a time. I would buy them again, but maybe I need someone to hide them from me.
The Monster Drizzle caramel corn is a rare autumn treat that doesn't taste like pumpkins or apples.
Darling Day Monster Drizzle Caramel Corn. Paige Bennett
It's difficult to find autumn foods that aren't flavored with pumpkin spice, cinnamon, caramel, or candy apple.
This Monster Drizzle caramel corn was a surprising limited-time offer at Target - but its simplicity made me wonder why it's not in stores year round.
The Monster Drizzle contains caramel corn that is drizzled with dark chocolate and mixed with pretzels and sprinkles. I didn't see or taste any pretzels, but did see some bright orange sprinkles. Most of the bag was just caramel corn and chocolate that had melted all over the bag.
That was really tasty despite the lackluster appearance. The dark chocolate kept it from being too sweet.
Conclusion: This caramel and corn mix was good and I would buy it again. I just wish there were more pretzels and it would be great if there was some way to keep the chocolate from making a melting mess in the bag.
The pumpkin spice cupcakes were very rich inside and out with extra cream cheese frosting.
Favorite Daily Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes. Paige Bennett
I couldn't wait to reach into the pumpkin-spice cupcakes, which featured a pumpkin-flavored cake plus cream cheese frosting, cream cheese filling, and a cake crumble topping.
The cake is incredibly moist and I could taste the pumpkin and ginger flavors. The cream cheese was good with this cake, but it was a little overwhelming. There was a lot of frosting on top and something in the middle of the cupcake.
Bottom Line: I would buy these rich, delicious cupcakes again, but this is definitely a dessert to share with friends. I'm notorious for eating seconds and thirds, but one of those cupcakes over a long weekend was enough for me.
I thought the pumpkin pie muesli tasted best of maple syrup.
Good & Gather Pumpkin Pie Muesli. Paige Bennett
Granola with fruit and yogurt is one of my quick breakfasts or snacks, and this option is repeated for me this fall. The granola is very crispy.
I love pumpkin flavors, but I wasn't disappointed at all when I found that what should taste like pumpkin pie was more like maple syrup or french toast.
Conclusion: This autumn this muesli will be combined with lots of yogurts, bananas and berries. I loved the taste and texture of the pumpkin pie granola, although it tasted more like maple syrup than anything else.
The scones combined with coffee were my favorite.
Favorite pumpkin scones for the day. Paige Bennett
The pumpkin scones at Target are game changers.
They're small, so it's easy to snap up a pair to soak in coffee. Scones tend to have a dry, crumbly texture, but these were a bit softer and moister. I enjoyed the pumpkin flavor and sweet glaze that covered the outside of the scone.
I just tried them at first, but then I dipped them in coffee and it was unreal. After just a few days, I was ready for supplies.
Conclusion: The pumpkin scones were my favorite autumn product at Target. The scones go perfectly with coffee and I'll be doing a lot of Target runs this fall to stock up on them.
I prefer unflavored coffee, but this pumpkin seasoning was good enough to buy again
Good & Gather Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Paige Bennett
I tend to stick to coffee with no flavor, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one.
This pumpkin spice coffee was better than most of the others I've tried which tend to be bland and bitter. It was a little bitter and not super smooth, but it was bearable. I could taste the spice, but not much of the pumpkin.
I added oat milk which made it a nice morning drink. I could still taste the spices, but it wasn't that bitter.
Bottom line: I would love to buy this coffee again, but I would definitely pair it with oat milk or maybe a vanilla-flavored coffee creamer to balance out the spice and bitterness.
The hot cocoa with pumpkin spice was rich, creamy, and dairy-free.
Good & Gather hot cocoa with pumpkin spice. Paige Bennett
Cool fall evenings are much better with a good cup of hot cocoa, and Target's Pumpkin Spice gets it right.
It's rich and sweet with a dark chocolate taste at first, which then fades into the flavor of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.
You should add the mixture to hot milk, and I went for oat milk. The ingredients do not contain powdered milk, which makes this a dairy-free option if you are using a milk alternative.
The hot cocoa turned out really smooth and creamy, with a great taste.
I enjoyed it as it is, and I also mixed something with the pumpkin and spice coffee, which turned out great too. The box suggests flavoring this cocoa with rum for an adult treat, and I plan on trying that out soon.
Conclusion: Whether alone, to mix with coffee or as a spike with a splash or two of rum, this mixture will end up in my shopping cart many times this fall.
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