I Tried ‘Soap Brows’ and My Eyebrows Have Never Looked Fluffier

I am quite lucky to be blessed with bushy eyebrows. When I first heard about soap brows- the latest trend in sweeping the internet-I didn't think much about it. But while I rarely fill in my brows, I never leave home without a strip of gel to hold them in place.
Then my beloved Glossier Boy Brow ran out and hit a wall. Normally this week I would grab a tube of the clear gel that popped up in the glamor beauty closet, but since I haven't been to the office since March, my access to a huge supply of eyebrows is limited these days. That brings me back to the soap brow. The tech first went viral on Instagram in 2016, but thanks to TikTok, old beauty trends are now new again. And soap brews are experiencing a revival.
What are soap brows
The idea behind the trend is exactly what it sounds like: instead of using an brow gel, use a bar of soap to shape and position your brows. While the trick has been re-popularized by beauty bloggers, it is actually a classic makeup artist and drag queen technique that has been used for photo shoots for years. Not only is soap insanely cheap, it's also perfect for getting those really fluffy, brushed, model-worthy brows that gel alone can't quite get to.
If that sounds crazy, check out these TikTok'ers in action:
How to do soap brews
I was curious about soap brewing in everyday life - not just on a social media app - and reached out to my celebrity brow specialist Joey Healy for his thoughts. First things first, he says, this technique is best for people who already have longer, darker brows. So if you are still using plucking to regrow your eyebrows, you may not get the same effect.
He also warns that this may not work when filling in your brows because the soap can move the pigment around. And if you have more fragile brows, a gel will likely work better for you, as the straightening required by soap browbones can slow hair growth.
With that in mind, it's actually quite easy to put soap brewing into practice. All you need is a bar of soap (something clear like Pears Original is best), a disposable spoolie brush, and some water or setting spray. Just dampen your brush and lightly drag it over the soap.
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"If you do too much, it starts to foam and look a little white," says Healy. "You just want it to be that damp, and then press your browbones toward the hairline - up and then over and then down." The result is brows that are essentially glued in place but look extremely natural.
To be honest, I was skeptical. If it was so revolutionary, why didn't everyone ditch their brow gel in favor of soap? But I was surprised how easy it is to use. I like the way my brows stay perky and fluffy, and it kept them that way all day without feeling flaky or chunky. It wasn't messy and I spent less time on my brows than usual.
Me with my soap brow
Bella Cacciatore
I'm also a fan of soap-inspired brow products that are a bit more elegant, like Patrick Ta's Brow Wax and Iconic London's Brow Silk.
Patrick Ta Major brow wax
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I'll never really break up with my Boy Brow, but until I buy a new tube, you can bet I'll have a bar of soap on hand.
Bella Cacciatore is the beauty staff member at Glamor. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_.
Originally published on Glamor

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