I've been in over 125 weddings. Here are 5 things guests actually care about and 5 that are a waste of money.

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Everyone will notice good food, but people don't tend to harp on intricate flowers. MN Studio/Shutterstock; Yaroslav Yarovoy/Shutterstock
I've been a bridesmaid for over seven years, so I've attended over 125 weddings.
Definitely worth investing a little for good food and a variety of drinks.
But people tend not to notice detailed decor, wedding favors, or intricate floral arrangements.
As the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire, I spend most of my weekends working for strangers at weddings. In fact, since I started the business over seven years ago, I've visited over 125.
I've found that guests don't care about lavish decor and monogrammed party favors. They take care of the three C's: cocktails, convenience and a catered meal.
If you're in the midst of wedding planning, I've discovered what guests really want — and what they never seem to realize.
Worth springing for delicious food
Make sure you like it too.Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock
Most guests come to a wedding hungry. So the more food options you have, the happier they will be.
Choosing a caterer or venue with a world-class chef and delicious menu options will impress and satisfy your guests. The effort is worth every penny.
Everyone is looking for music to dance to at a wedding
If your wedding venue has a dance floor, treat yourself to entertainment that will make your guests get out of their seats.
Spend time researching well-reviewed bands or DJs that have a style you like.
Having good music played throughout your wedding will make it memorable and fun for the guests.
It's nice to offer a variety of drinks
A mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages helps meet everyone's needs.BONDART/ iStock
Weddings are just one big celebration, so food and drink are high on the list of things most people look forward to.
When it comes to drinks, whether you run an open bar or not, offer enough options to keep most of your guests happy.
People usually notice and appreciate a well-structured event
I've found guests love structure and a schedule. Rather than throwing a wedding "go with the flow," make sure the event has some order, preferably scheduled hourly.
If your cocktail hour lasts too long or your ceremony feels endless, your guests will become tired — and possibly even fall asleep.
It can be helpful to hire someone like a wedding planner or day coordinator to ensure the day follows the game plan you've set.
At weddings, comfort comes before aesthetics
Thinking of picking fancy chairs that aren't comfortable? Thinking about hosting the entire wedding outside during the summer heat? Do you wonder if your guests will be fine if you only serve pizza?
One thing that will make your guests really enjoy the time they spend at your wedding is making them feel comfortable.
When making decisions about food, venues, and even decorations, keep in mind who will be spending six to eight hours at your party and choose options that make those people comfortable.
On the other hand, it rarely pays to have tons of decorations
Most guests don't even notice all the little details. Shutterstock/mambographer
When you envision what your wedding will be like, you might envision tons of personalized decor, like wedding signs and monogrammed napkins.
But these items get expensive, and most of your guests are so busy they don't even take the time to notice the small details.
If you want to save money, cut out some of these decorative items.
Most people end up throwing away wedding gifts
Sending your guests home with a wedding present might seem like a nice touch, but many forget to grab one at the end of the night.
Instead of spending a ton of money on favors, opt for something simple that your guests can use right away (a personalized bottle of water, a bag of cookies, etc.). Or skip it altogether and put the money on an extra appetizer at cocktail hour—your guests are likely to enjoy it more.
Don't waste money on late-night snacks
A trend in recent years has been for caterers to offer late-night snacks during the final hours of a wedding.
While having a pizza or burger with fries may sound like a good idea, most guests are full at this hour and won't touch much of the food.
However, if you do want to offer a final presentation of food, be sparing with your offerings so you don't waste your money.
Flowers are beautiful, but there's no reason to overdo it
Flowers are expensive, and you don't need a ton of them to make an impact. Yaroslav Yarovoy/Shutterstock
One way to save money at your wedding is to avoid tons of flowers.
Choosing a venue that is beautiful in its own right will help. However, if your venue looks simpler, you can also fill the space with candles, plants, and other decorations.
Covering everything with large bouquets and floral arrangements may make your wedding look spectacular, but it costs more than it's worth. Plus, guests hardly notice the intricate flower arrangements.
Most people don't expect an extravagant welcome pack at the hotel
While it's a nice gesture to give your guests a welcome bag upon check-in at the hotel, you don't need to go beyond that.
As your guests prepare to celebrate and unwind after your big day, they might appreciate a few handy items like water, pain relievers, vitamin C packs, and snacks.
But that's really all you need.
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