'I want my baby home': Woman accused of stalking daughter's adoptive mother

A girl sits on the floor with her face covered. (PHOTO: Getty Images)
SINGAPORE - A 43-year-old Singaporean woman allegedly had an affair with a married man and gave birth to a girl in 2011. The man took the toddler home two years later, and he and his wife subsequently adopted the child.
But the mistress couldn't stand it. For around seven years, she is said to have molested the woman on social media and filed at least 100 police reports against her family.
The woman is now on trial for illegally persecuting the adoptive mother of her nine-year-old daughter.
She is charged with unlawfully prosecuting the adoptive mother between December 10, 2019 and August 23, 2020 by posting 32 posts on Facebook and Instagram relating to the alleged victim and her family.
Neither party can be named to protect the identity of the alleged victim and child.
“I will fight for their sake”: Witness
The adoptive mother, who took a position on the second day of the trial on Wednesday (15.09.), Stated that she did not know about the affair and only found out about the child in November 2013. Her husband met the accused through a friend in a nightclub.
"My husband found out the child was abandoned and neglected so he (sic) thinks he must bring this child and he had no choice but to bring it back to my house so he told me about the incident" said the woman. who has two other children, a daughter aged 24 and a son aged 26.
When asked about her reaction by prosecutors when they were informed about the child, the woman's voice cracked.
“Of course, as a woman, no one will accept it when this thing suddenly appears, but he has no choice because he brought the child back for the benefit of the child. I didn't believe it at first, ”she said emotionally.
"You will not accept the truth if a man just tells you that, but the child came back into the house that night and was attached to me, and my husband mentioned himself, he also didn't know if this child was his." or not, ”she added.
“I told my husband, no matter (whether she) is your child or not your child, this child is already in the house, I will fight for his sake, knowing that she is abandoned and neglected, I will for the sake of the child fight I'll definitely have this child, be my child, ”she said.
"I want my baby at home": Indicted
The defendant interjected in several places, claiming that she would not give up her daughter and that it was against the law.
She was reminded by District Judge Sarah Tan that she should speak only at the right moment. However, the defendant continued to pause the hearing as the witness testified. "I want my baby at home, she's my real baby," she exclaimed.
"Why are you grabbing my baby? She's just a toddler, do you know that? ”Added the defendant, who also yelled“ liars ”at the witnesses.
At some point the judge suspended the case until all parties showed that they could conduct themselves appropriately for the trial. When the trial restarted, the defendant continued to interfere. She apologized when the judge reprimanded her.
DJ Tan replied, “I don't think you're sorry ... you haven't shown that you are sorry. Don't pay lip service. "
The accused remained silent after the judge's statements.
Adoption of a girl facing legal proceedings
The night the girl, then around two years old, first arrived at the witness's house, the couple bought baby items and expected to keep them.
However, they learned that a police officer had visited their home and informed their helper that the toddler must be taken to the police housing complex. The defendant filed a complaint with the police, claiming that her daughter had been kidnapped and raped by the witness's husband.
The couple took the toddler to the police station, where the husband was investigated and the toddler returned to the defendant. That evening, the KK Women's and Children's Hospital contacted the husband and informed him that his daughter was there on allegations of rape.
The allegations turned out to be unfounded a few days later and the accused was sent to the Institute for Mental Health for examination. "We thought the child would never come back to us, but I don't know, maybe by God's grace this child is ours," said the woman.
The couple were then asked to contact the Ministry of Social and Family Development about the due process of adoption. They immediately hired a lawyer to help them with legal matters, the witness said.
The trials lasted for years, with both sides - the couple and the defendant - fighting over the care, control and custody of the child. As of 2013, temporary injunctions were issued that allowed the couple to control and care for the toddler, with the accused woman being granted supervised access once or several times a week.
The couple applied for an adoption order in 2017, but it wasn't issued until November 2020.
Police report against couple
Meanwhile, the defendant made numerous allegations against the couple and filed around 100 police reports between 2013 and 2020, which resulted in police officers visiting the couple's home at least 50 times.
When asked about the nature of these allegations, the witness said it was mainly the family who molested the child.
On one occasion, the defendant allegedly impersonated the witness to allege that a helper stabbed the child's eyeball "out of the eye", encouraged police officers, the Singapore Civil Defense Force and an ambulance to arrive around the witness's door 2 O'clock in the morning.
"So we were shocked ... the police came into the room and saw that the child was sleeping, nothing happened." The police reports were so frequent that the police decided to call the witness first instead of disturbing the family.
“I'm very upset and really very disappointed and all of these allegations are really ridiculous allegations and I'm really fed up with them… I'm very shocked and upset and so stressed out and every time I open my door as soon as it's on the door rings. "... I know it's always the police, they'll be regulars in my place."
Aside from police reports, the accused woman often wandered around the house and tried to break into the side gate once, the witness said.
The witness learned about the defendants' social media accounts from 2018, on which the defendant allegedly posted personal information about the witness and her family members, including their addresses and NRICs.
The witness reported the items to the police and would view the accounts for them to be deleted.
The process will continue on Wednesday afternoon.
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