‘I wanted to take him somewhere and burn him.’ SC father speaks about daughter’s alleged killer

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When Mike and Melinda Winchester couldn't reach their daughter Clarrissa for most of the day, they knew something was wrong.
They spoke to her daily, sometimes more than once.
They drove from her home in Travelers Rest to the house where Clarrissa lived with her boyfriend Tyler Wilkins. He didn't let her in. They called the Greenville County Sheriff's Office.
They watched as the deputies took Wilkins to a squad car and watched as the deputies and other officers paced in and out of the house.
One hour turned into two, then three. They waited anyway. Dismay and fear spread. The worst had happened, they thought. Wilkins has already been charged with firing a gun at Clarrissa and Mike and had bail of less than $4,000.
All Mike could think about was how to get Wilkins out of the locked squad car.
"I wanted to take it somewhere and burn it," Mike Winchester said in an interview with State Wednesday.
Eventually someone from the Coroner's Office came out and said they had news no parent wants to hear.
"She's not with us anymore," Winchester recalls.
He collapsed and sobbed.
The woman who had been a father's girl since childhood was gone. She was 22 and seven months pregnant. Winchester said the baby, a boy they planned to name Grayson, was either stillborn or died from lack of care when his daughter was repeatedly beaten until she died.
Two people were at the home when Clarissa begged for her life, Winchester said.
"They decided to stay out of it," he said.
A spokesman for the Sheriff's Office could not be reached to comment on whether these two individuals will be charged.
That was November 9th.
The Winchesters have since learned that Wilkins was the last person to see his former girlfriend, Jorden Nebling, two years ago. She was 19 when Wilkins picked her up on October 10, 2020 after a car she borrowed from a friend broke down.
The Greenville County Sheriff's Office is investigating whether Wilkins was involved in this case as well.
Winchester said he and his wife didn't think Wilkins was a good match for their daughter but felt helpless to convince Clarrissa. She saw the good in Tyler Wilkins.
"He could definitely fool a lady," Winchester said.
Almost exactly a year ago, Clarrissa called her father and said she was ready to leave Wilkins. Would he pick her up?
When Winchester arrived, Wilkins wanted to explain his side of the story. He held a gun.
Winchester said: "I didn't care. I wasn't there to cause trouble."
Wilkins raised the gun and pointed it at Clarrissa. Winchester stepped between them. Wilkins fired three shots at his feet.
Wilkins has been charged with domestic violence of a high and serious nature, two counts of attempted murder, showing and presenting a firearm, resisting arrest, throwing bodily fluids and threatening an officer's life, a SLED background check has revealed.
The charge involving the officer involved Wilkins threatening and spitting on an MP. He spent about six weeks in prison posting bail of just under $4,000.
Clarrissa was willing to give him another chance. She had two jobs, as a clerk and as a Spark courier. She hoped to one day become a coroner. Wilkins couldn't keep a job, Winchester said.
Then she found out she was pregnant. She and her parents were together when the test came back positive. They were overjoyed. The Winchesters went to every doctor's appointment, bought clothes and everything a baby needed. Wilkins didn't go on dates, Winchester said. He drank every day.
"She hoped things would change once Tyler met his son," Winchester said.
Now the Winchesters are left with memories of the impromptu trips they took, which often ended up on the beach. Riding, the pet mouse named Kevin. She loved all animals.
"She had a huge heart and would do anything to help everyone," Winchester said.
Winchester said he was angry that the original allegations that Wilkins was free to complete the act he is accused of having started last year were not taken seriously.
The only good thing that could come of this is that Nebling's family might finally find a solution, Winchester said.
Wilkins, 21, is being held without bail at the Greenville County Detention Center and charged with murder, kidnapping, child neglect and the other charges pending on the day Clarissa Winchester was killed.
Winchester and Grayson were buried on November 16 in the Golden Grove Baptist Church Cemetery at Travelers Rest.

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