If Lamar Jackson took basketball seriously, he says he would've been Russell Westbrook

Has Lamar Jackson ever thought about playing in the NBA? Not necessarily. But if he had worked on it, there is a certain player that he believes his game would be like.
Houston Rockets Point Guard and nine-time NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook.
"He's so energetic," Jackson said in a recent interview with Taylor Rooks from Bleacher Report. "If he takes off, he'll go crazy. The dunks, his explosiveness, you'd see me."
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Jackson (6-foot-2, 212 pounds) and Westbrook (6-foot-3, 200 pounds) are quite similar in size. Even when comparing the wingspans, Jackson (77.880 inches) has readings similar to Westbrook (79.92 inches) - with the possible exception of muscle mass.
"I never tried to play [basketball]," said Jackson. "I can easily dive in and I have my little shot or whatever, but I never took it seriously."
Even though Jackson never set the record for most games with successive triple doubles, he had a pretty successful career in the NFL early on:
2019 NFL Most Valuable Player, All-Pro of the first team and now the cover of Madden 21.
Life is good.
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If Lamar Jackson had taken basketball seriously, he would have been Russell Westbrook, who originally appeared at NBC Sports Washington

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