If You're Not Obsessed with Gabriel from "Emily in Paris", You're About To Be

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Emily in Paris made us fall in love with the city, the fashion and even the guys. But there is one character that stands out from the rest. Emily's hot new neighbor, Gabriel, stole our hearts the first time he opened his apartment door and accidentally met Emily. Throughout the season, Emily and Gabriel's relationship becomes difficult and we definitely can't get enough. While we'll have to wait a little longer to find out what happens to him in season two, that doesn't mean we can't talk about everything we know about him now. So who is he And who is the actor who plays him?
* Major spoilers for the first season of Emily in Paris below! *
Here's everything you need to know about Gabriel from Emily in Paris.
What is Gabriel's story?
Gabriel is Emily's neighbor who lives right under her new apartment in Paris. They meet after she accidentally tried to enter his apartment one night. If she does it again in the second episode, you can always knock on his door. Gabriel and Emily grow closer as he helps her translate with her landlord, and she has to get used to his shower in the meantime.
After Emily has had a terrible night, Gabriel admits he likes her, which makes it clear to her that she likes him back. In episode 4, Gabriel cooks breakfast for Emily and she learns more about his job as a cook in a nearby restaurant. When she can't get reservations for a special dinner, Emily asks him to squeeze into her group and he impresses her with his skills. While all of this is happening, Emily also lies to Sylvie, pretending that the lingerie she received from Antoine is from Gabriel. After dinner, Sylvie urges Emily to run after Gabriel and the two kiss. Shortly thereafter, however, Emily discovers that Gabriel is actually taken and is currently in a relationship with her new BFF Camille.
Emily interrogates Gabriel while visiting a museum with Camille and starting a three-way friendship with them. After getting drunk one night, Gabriel admits that he felt something during their kiss, which further complicates their relationship. His relationship with Camille also begins to break up after she tries to get him to accept her parents' offer to buy him a restaurant. Gabriel helps Emily find a missing watch and he invites her to watch the sunrise with him, but she admits that she wants to get more out of their relationship.
It gets even more uncomfortable when Camille invites Emily to visit her family, and Gabriel comes too. Emily sleeps with Camille's brother to get over him, but it shows Gabriel that he's showing more of his jealousy. After Emily starts a new relationship with Mathieu, he decides to buy a new restaurant in Normandy and leave Paris.
On his last night in town, Emily and Gabriel finally spend the night farewell together and finally let themselves be together. The next morning, however, Emily discovers that Antoine has bought the restaurant Gabriel worked in so he can stay in Paris, and she soon receives a message from Camille that she would like to talk to her about Gabriel's stay.
Who is playing it?
The French actor Lucas Bravo plays Gabriel in Emily in Paris. This is his first major role on television and he was previously in Plus belle la vie and T.O.C.

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