Iggy Azalea plans to continue sharing sensual photographs because she enjoys it and finds them aesthetically pleasing

In a recent episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low with EmRata podcast, Iggy Azalea discussed her frustrations with how her body has been used to make others money without her receiving a fair share. The Australian rapper shared that she has made record labels and others “so much money” off her body and ideas, yet has received the smallest cut. Despite this, she expressed no regrets about wanting to “commodify” her own body and intends to post sensual photos because she enjoys it and thinks they are beautiful.

Azalea also spoke candidly about her plastic surgery, saying that she likes her body and is happy with her breast implants. Additionally, she announced her new multimedia project Hotter Than Hell x OnlyFans, which will feature poetry, photography, and video content as well as her fourth studio album. The project can be accessed on her OnlyFans profile for a monthly price of $25, and a companion coffee table book will be available for purchase in December 2023.

Azalea’s comments highlight a common issue in the entertainment industry, particularly for women, where their bodies are often commodified without adequate compensation or recognition. While Azalea may have willingly shared sensual photos in the past, her frustration with others profiting off her body without fair compensation is understandable. Her decision to take control of her image and monetize it on her own terms through her OnlyFans project is a way to regain some agency in her career.

Azalea’s open discussion of her plastic surgery is also notable. Plastic surgery is often stigmatized, particularly for women, with those who choose to undergo procedures being accused of being “fake” or “unauthentic.” Azalea’s unapologetic embrace of her breast implants challenges this stigma and empowers others to make their own choices regarding their bodies.

In announcing her Hotter Than Hell x OnlyFans project, Azalea has also shown her willingness to experiment with new platforms for artistic expression. OnlyFans is typically associated with adult content, but Azalea’s project shows that the platform can also be used for other forms of multimedia. Her collaborations with producers, visual artists, and fashion photographers demonstrate her commitment to creating a unique and engaging experience for her fans.

Overall, Azalea’s candid interview with Ratajkowski offers insight into the challenges faced by women in the entertainment industry, particularly with regards to body image and commodification. By taking control of her image and monetizing it on her own terms, Azalea is setting an example for other artists to follow. Her willingness to experiment with new platforms also demonstrates her creativity and commitment to engaging with her fans in new and exciting ways.

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