Ikea furniture is still stuck on the Ever Given alongside $550,000 worth of wearable blankets, 2 months after the ship was freed from the Suez Canal

Companies are still waiting for their products to be found on Ever Given's ship. Ahmad Hassan / AFP via Getty Images
Ikea and Lenovo are among the companies with products on the ship stuck in the Suez Canal, reported CNN.
Snuggy, a small UK retailer, said he had $ 550,000 worth of portable blankets on the ship.
Egypt confiscated the ship, the Ever Given, as a $ 600 million compensation battle dragged on.
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Ikea and Chinese technology maker Lenovo are among the companies whose products are still on board the Ever Given, the container ship that blocked the Suez Canal in March, CNN reported.
Smaller companies are also waiting almost three months after the ship first got stuck for important inventory to be delivered. Jack Griffiths, a co-founder of Snuggy, a small UK retailer, told CNN that he felt "completely powerless and left in the dark".
Egyptian authorities have confiscated the ship in Great Bitter Lake, another part of the Canal, while a protracted $ 600 million compensation battle continues between the ship's owner - Japanese company Shoei Kisen Kaisha - and the Suez Canal Authority.
Griffiths told CNN that Snuggy's hooded portable blankets are still on board, valued at more than $ 550,000. He said that Snuggy only made two bulk orders a year and that the delay caused cash flow problems.
"We were not informed of anything - we are completely powerless and we are in the dark," Griffiths told CNN. “I wish we were a little more involved or even kept up to date, but we are not. It's really not a great position, and it's a hurdle that most new businesses will find difficult to climb. "
British bicycle maker Pearson 1860 also told CNN that its $ 100,000 worth of products were on the ship.
"We don't have much hope of seeing our stock this year," CEO Will Pearson told CNN.
Ikea told CNN it had shares in the Ever Given, but no details were given. Lenovo confirmed it had cargo on the ship - a representative told CNN the company is looking at ways to get the goods back.
Corporations may be forced to pay damages to the SCA under a principle of law first developed in ancient Rhodes called the General Average that requires a ship's customers to share the cost of a failed voyage.
In March, the Ever Given was stuck for six days in the Suez Canal - the main shipping route connecting Europe with Asia - during a sandstorm, leaving 400 ships behind. SCA worked with Boskalis, a Dutch dredger company, to get the 220,000-ton ship back on the road in late March.
Ikea and Lenovo did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.
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