Impressed Fowler wonders how much speed will be too much for speed for Bryson

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. - Bryson DeChambeau turned heads at the Charles Schwab Challenge last week when he emerged from the £ 20 quarantine and swung his 5.5 degree driver like a man on a mission.
DeChambeau explained that the extra mass is part of his ongoing quest to keep hitting the ball, and he was successful for the week. He led the field in winning strokes: off-the-tee at Colonial, and his 301-yard driving average put him in second place for the week.
Working in the gym is nothing new to tour players, but DeChambeau's transformation has been dramatic and has caught the attention of his peers.
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“I would probably have to add 75 pounds to increase the speed of 32 km / h. It's really impressive, ”laughed Webb Simpson. “I put my hands on his shoulders last week just because he looks like someone else. But it's really impressive to be able to change your body so quickly and gain so much weight without negatively impacting your game. It was positive. "
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DeChambeau said his ball speed reached 195 mph, but some players warned that he might be approaching the limits of what is controllable.
"It was really impressive to see what he did with his transformation last year, and obviously a serious gain in speed and power," said Rickie Fowler. “Where does it become almost counterproductive when the speed is too high, where the spread becomes too large? There must be some kind of summit. It appears that it is the 190 [mph] area. It becomes difficult to control the ball straight if you reach the area at more than 200 km / h. "
To put the new DeChambeau numbers in context, his ball speed on the PGA Tour was 175.4 mph last year, which is 42nd and well behind Cameron Champ's leading average of 190.7 mph . For comparison, DeChambeau's ball speed was measured at the first hole last Thursday in Colonial at 191 mph.
“The guys with the long drive have a lot of speed, of course, but they can get away with 1 out of 8 [rides] on the grid. 1 in 8 won't do very well here on the tour, ”said Fowler. "But it's impressive. We'll see how it works. "

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