In-Laws Are Sharing The Moment They Knew Their Kid’s Marriage Was Over, And Excuse Me While I Pick My Jaw Off The Floor

Note: This post contains mentions of domestic violence.
A while back, Reddit asked in-laws, "When did you realize your child's marriage was doomed?" In-laws and other in-laws shared responses that ranged from absolutely wild to downright heartbreaking.
Here are some of the most surprising:
1. “I was the sister-in-law. The first time she and I went somewhere together, she said, 'Your brother's been making me really mad lately. Do you think I should cheat on him again?'”
"I then asked if he knew about the others and she said he didn't know. I told her, 'He's going to do it now.' They divorced shortly after."
2. "When she kissed another guy in one of the wedding photos. That didn't go down well."
3. "Two weeks before the wedding, my brother-in-law placed an ad of himself on Craigslist (with a pic of a dick and a pic of him) to have sex, and one of his ex-girlfriends contacted me about him stalking her and Photos sent of himself looking for hookup."
"Everything was disclosed to his new wife, but she denied everything. It actually turned on me because he told his wife and my wife's family that I was the one who would put the ad on CL. Oh well. He has new girlfriends that show up every few months, but then he tells the family that his new girlfriends are all 'crazy' and that he doesn't even know them.
4. "A coworker knew her daughter's relationship (from marriage, then domestic violence, now divorce) was going to end badly the first time she saw the place they lived together, and showed her bed along the quote: 'This is the place where I plow your daughter.'"
"At a party later, he said to a group of strangers — in the presence of the mother — 'If she could swallow, I wouldn't have to mess up her makeup every night.' Who says that in front of your S.O.'s parents?"
5. "Brother-in-law here. When my older brother found out his wife was sleeping with HER OWN COUSIN, it was a clear sign that things were falling apart.”
"He still hasn't recovered from the divorce, which pretty much wrecked him (he didn't go to court so they basically turned everything over to his ex-wife), but that's his fault."
6. "Sister in law here. I would say it was when he pushed my sister into a thorn bush over a little argument the day after their wedding.”
7. "Bringing his wife and girlfriend to Thanksgiving brunch."
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8. "Apparently my grandfather (my mother's father) drove her to church when she married my father, and just before they got there he said to her, 'I can just keep driving if you want.' They lasted 12 years."
"It wasn't a terrible relationship, but they were fundamentally incompatible. I love my dad, but I still can't figure out what the hell she was thinking."
—u/Damn papa pig
9. "Sister in law here. There were a lot of red flags - and neon, possibly visible from space - but the biggest one for me was the day I first met her. She was younger than me (my brother is over 10 years old). years older than me) and she asked me if I thought he would take a credit card. She had a laundry list of things she wanted. I did the math and it was over $10,000.”
"They just got divorced this year I understand. She has a new boy toy and I hope someone stops her before she sucks him dry too.”
10. "The moment someone told me they were having a kid to save their marriage."
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11. "When he caught her sleeping with a co-worker on her anniversary."
12. "His wife called me at 3am and I could listen to her fondling a guy for 10 minutes with the TV on in the background. I didn't tell any of them at the time."
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