In paying tribute to Pulse victims in Orlando, Biden shows the content of his character. So does DeSantis | Editorial

President Biden paid tribute to the victims of the terrible shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, where five years ago on June 12th numerous people gathered for a merry night of partying, a friendly and beautiful tribute were dead, 53 were injured.
On Saturday, the president's statement struck a tone of sadness, determination and compassion - while also issuing a strong call to action.
"In a matter of minutes, Pulse nightclub, which has long been a place of acceptance and joy, was transformed into a place of unspeakable pain and loss," said Biden. "Forty-nine people celebrated Latin Night, were murdered, injured even more, and countless others scarred forever - the victims were family members, partners and friends, veterans and students, young people, blacks, Asians and Latinos - our American compatriots."
Beyond honors
Biden was then vice president and met with grieving families. Most strikingly, the President revealed in his statement: “Over the years I have kept in touch with the families of the victims and with the survivors who have transformed their pain into meaning and remind us that we must do more than that the victims of gun violence and any survivors left behind, family members and friends; we have to take action."
And he has at least taken the lead. He has already submitted policy changes for the Justice Department; and called on the US Senate to pass two gun control bills approved by the House of Representatives in March. After years of inactivity by Congress, lawmakers were inadequately motivated by the slaughter of elementary school children in Connecticut; African Americans killed by white racist in Charlotte; Concertgoers mowed down in Las Vegas, Latinos massacred in El Paso - Democrats should muster their wafer-thin majority to answer Biden's appeal.
Flags lowered
We praise Gov. DeSantis also for ordering this year that flags are hoisted half-staff on Saturday as part of Pulse Remembrance Day. He also issued a statement rightly denouncing the attack on LGBTQ and Hispanic people (he didn't mention blacks and Asians like Biden) and called the shooting a “pointless and hateful act and one of the darkest days in our state's history ". . ”In his honor, the governor helped raise funds for a Pulse memorial.
But his response leaves us puzzled, as during this month of pride, the governor's actions were far from focused on the health and well-being of LGBTQ communities across the state. On the first day - June 1st - he signed the misguided and bigoted law banning transgender girls and women from playing on girls or women sports teams. The very next day, he cut $ 900,000 in funding for programs serving LGBTQ residents in central Florida. This includes no less psychiatric services for the survivors of the victims of the Pulse shooting.
The governor sends a mixed message. Does he value LGBTQ Floridians or not?
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