In the AFC, 11-5 may not be good enough for the playoffs

In the 30 seasons in which the NFL welcomed 12 teams per year to the playoffs, only one team with 11 wins failed to qualify. This year, three different teams have a chance of being excluded from the AFC field despite winning 11 games.
The Colts, Browns or Ravens could miss the AFC postseason with seven teams with an 11-5 record. The situation turned the Ravens into Steelers fans; If Pittsburgh lose to the Colts and Browns and the Ravens win their last two games, the Ravens could look outside by an 11-5 mark.
In terms of wins and losses, a highly skilled AFC team will miss the playoffs this year. There are only four seats available for the Colts, Titans, Browns, Dolphins and Ravens. The Colts or Titans will get one of them and the other will compete with the Browns, Dolphins and Ravens for the three wildcard places.
A total of 13 teams with 10 or more wins have missed the playoffs in the three decades of 12 postseason teams: the 2015 Jets (10-6), 2014 Eagles (10-6), the 2013 Falcons (10-6), the 2013 Cardinals (10-6), the 2012 Bears (10-6), the 2010 Giants (10-6), the 2010 Buccaneers (10-6), the 2008 Patriots (11-5), the 2007 Browns (10-6) , the 2005 Chiefs (10-6), the 2003 Dolphins (10-6), the 1991 Eagles (10-6) and the 1991 49ers (10-6).
In the AFC, 11-5 may not be good enough for the playoffs that originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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