Ina Garten Revealed Her Decadent Father’s Day Menu—and It's a Doozy

Let Ina G. put together an effortless menu for every occasion. A typical example: She just gave us her entire lineup of Father's Day, and it's a fool.
Contessa went to her blog to share some simple recipes for Sunday and asked, "What is more perfect for Father's Day than a fabulous steak dinner?" Just a steak dinner you prepared, Ina ... with three types of alcohol, two cheesy side dishes and a chocolate dessert.
On the menu: a Limoncello Vodka Collins that makes you hungry (don't forget the good vodka), followed by your filet mignon with mustard and mushrooms. Sherry, cream and cognac will surely satisfy your biggest appetite. And if that's not enough, she suggests serving it with garlic mashed potatoes or parmesan asparagus. Of course Ina has a dessert with an equally decadent frozen hot chocolate (of course with coffee liqueur).
Excuse us, we wipe the drool off our chin. Dad will love that.
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