Incredible Charles Barkley golf story showcases Sixers legend's kind soul

The amazing Barkley story portrays the kind soul of the Sixers legend who originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia
Charles Barkley is the gift that always gives. The bombastic television personality of the Sixers legend as one of the sport's most unusual analysts is strengthened by the giving, open-minded personality that he also shows, whether in the subway or in person.
This unique blend of straight face and gentle giant is the formula many consider irresistible and polarizing.
While Barkley's expertise is sports, his golf game and bizarre swing follow him like a sad pup.
While not surprising, playing the game "a good pampered stroll" with Barkley is possibly the most fun many have ever had, let alone on the golf course.
In a hilarious piece by The Athletic's Jayson Jenks, the author receives firsthand accounts of what it's like to be in Barkley's foursome and why, in the words of former NBA vet Dan Majerle, "he's our ATM sometimes."
Wayne Gretzky, Emmitt Smith, Jerome Bettis, and others all remember the nuance and pleasure of making the connections with the Cricso Kid.
The unfiltered commentary of these notable names really gives the article an authentic feel as you absorb the hilarity of these interactions and imagine them destroying Barkley's chops about his game and he immediately returning it, all with great fun.
My favorite anecdote involves no humor at all, but rather reflects the benevolent soul that so many praise Barkley for:
“Sara Deeter, HR Specialist: It was 27 years ago. I was 15 and I absolutely loved him. We found out that he was going to be playing that tournament in Horsham, Pennsylvania, near Philly. I made a sign because I was a stupid 15 year old girl. I think it said, "Sir Charles, you are number 1. Hope you get a hole in one." ... We just walked around and followed him. He saw my shield while he was playing and waved to me. And then, I think, after the ninth hole, they set up a refreshment tent. He was in there and he saw that I was standing out there. I saw him talking to a guard and the guard came over and got me and took me in. He was my idol. I just adored him. So of course I started to cry. He said, "Why are you crying?" And I said I was so excited to meet him. He hugged me tight and asked who I was there with, if I was having a good time, gave me a drink, signed my shirt. It was just crazy. "
Nobody is just a thing. Whether its non-apologetic political views or bold hoops rub you in the wrong direction, you cannot deny the grace and compassion of the Round Mound of Rebound.

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