Indigenous Model Quannah Chasinghorse's Met Gala Glam Exemplified This Year's American Theme — Along With These Other Celebs' Beauty Looks

This year's Met Gala was, to put it nicely, kind of everywhere. The subject - "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion" - was either completely ignored (um, every male celebrity wearing a plain black suit) or taken far too literally (* shudder * the horror, the one red, white, and blue fit).
Chloe X Hall
But no worry! There have been quite a few wins out there - especially in the beauty department. From braided hair to gorgeous glamor, the celebs showed up below with gorgeous makeup and bespoke jewelry. Keep scrolling to see the best looks of the night!
1.Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee absolutely killed this look, and you can argue with the wall of your choice if you disagree. The platinum blonde eyebrows and bob make her unrecognizable, yes, but it's nice to see her push the boundaries of fashion and beauty with her look. I mean, someone at this gala had to, right?
2. Michaela Coel
You've heard it before (for good reason) and you'll hear it again: Michaela's picture card never refuses. And I would be incredibly careless if I didn't include them in this round-up.
3. Keke Palmer
A vision to look at! Keke's Diana Ross-inspired look was spot on and with a smoky eyeshadow that blends seamlessly? An icon, really.
4. Nikkie de Jager
I will not apologize for the number of times I will talk about this particular beauty look in the years to come. We can't expect less from the beauty queen YouTube, but Nikkie rightly blew me away.
5.Nia Dennis
I swear silver jewelry and blue eyeshadow have never looked so good as on this elite gymnast.
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6. Mega Fox
I just lack the vocabulary to properly articulate the depths of my obsession with this look. With a pin-up homage hairstyle from Kim Kardashian's go-to hairdresser and Lorraine Schwartz earrings (oh, and Megan's god-given face), I can only describe this glamor as flawless.
7. Quannah Hunting Horse
Quannah is an indigenous model (by Hän Gwich'in and Oglala Lakota) who made her New York Fashion Week debut just before she hit the scene at the Met. Her face tattoos called Yidįįłtoo are a traditional Hän Gwich’in look that goes back thousands of years. Paired with a Navajo jewelry collection by Jocelyn Billy Upshaw with turquenite and silver pieces, Quannah's glam won the evening with her look. You can't have an American theme without the representation of indigenous peoples!
8. Hunter Shepherd
The contacts ALONE qualify Hunter for this list, but the headgear (face piece?) Really makes their metallic science fiction Prada look out of this world.
9. Adult Akech
The South Sudanese Australian model is never missing. The icy silver jewelry paired with a frosty eyeshadow in the inner corner is just * cook's kiss. *
10. Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita's all-denim Versace look was - without a doubt - one of the best interpretations of this year's theme. But it's her hairstyle, inspired by the work of photographer and multimedia artist Lorna Simpson, that really brings home the fashion icon that she is.
11. Amanda Gorman
The young poet and this year's co-host brought her A-Game to the gala with a reinterpretation of the Statue of Liberty. Little known fact: She actually invented elegance and grace (see Figure A: her hairpieces and Figure B: her crystalline makeup).
12. Naomi Osaka
Naomi's look was inspired by a mix of "Japanese and Haitian roots" to reflect her heritage and an immigrant America.
13. Yara Shahidi
From the necklace to the veil, from the hairstyle to the most perfect contour I've ever seen, Yara's Josephine Baker-inspired look is sure to go down in Met Gala history.
14. Lazarus Lynch
As you all know, men tend to be boring and simple with their Met Gala looks. Sure, that's not Lazarus' style (and we're so grateful). The chef and entrepreneur was the image of glamor with a white winged liner look and braided hair.
15. Lil Nas X
I could write an entire dissertation on how Lil Nas X looks - not one, not two, but three - but it's the simple details of his eye that I want to focus on here. The little golden wing and earrings are the perfect accent for any of his costume changes. The A + stands for "accentuate".
16. Kristen Stewart
I have to say, that was the most refreshing look of the night for me! Similar to Megan Fox's look, Kristen's is a tribute to the "Queen of Pinups" Bettie Page, mixed with a bit of rock'n'roll flair. The eye makeup is stunning, but it's the hair that seals the deal for me.
17. Simone Galle
Completely in keeping with this year's theme, Simone's star-studded look is a silvery sensation. The standout pieces for this glamor are - without a doubt - her long earrings.
You're looking at Dune's biggest fan. Yup, Grimes' futuristic science fiction look is not only completely typical of the brand as a person, but also inspired by a key figure named Bene Gesserit from Frank Herbert's novel. Her Iris van Herpen-designed fit is complete with a Chris Habana mask and a literal sword made from a ... Colt AR-15A3 - which is now housed at Met's.
19. Iman
I mean, where do you even start? While the supermodel's halo-esque gold feather headdress, designed by Harris Reed in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana, goes better with the Heavenly Bodies 2018 theme of the gala, I'm giving her a pass because she just looks so darn good!
20. Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia channeled the flapper era with ease in her all-black, feathered look - complete with smoky eye makeup, shoulder-length silver earrings, and a chunky silver bracelet. What more can you ask for?
21. Eugene Lee Yang
Do you remember when I said men don't really get the job done when it comes to the Met Gala? Yes, Eugene is not one of those men. The bright red editorial makeup of the BuzzFeed alum is the stuff of Vogue covers.
22. Megan Thee stallion
The rapper is a hot big city and looks absolutely timeless in her tailor-made coach dress. In reference to the old Hollywood glamor, Megan was therefore christened "Megan Thee Monroe".
23. Whitney Peak
Speckled: Whitney looks gorgeous as always. Her hair and green pearl makeup is definitely one of the best beauty looks of the gala.
24.Amandla Stenberg
The actor's hair - done by Vernon François - has been styled into a durag in a beautiful tribute to the way black culture and fashion drive mainstream beauty. "When I heard that the subject was American fashion, it was important to me to capture the queer blacks who I think are responsible for it," they said co-host Keke Palmer.
25. Storm Reid
Storm literally flew to New York, chopped off her hair and dyed her blonde within a day of the gala. If the chic details of her rose-studded necklace and the dainty rhinestones on her eyelids don't scream confidently, I don't really know what they're doing.
26. Kehlani
Kehlani's Cruella-esque and '70s-inspired hair was definitely one of the best looks of the night. Vintage, chic and unusual in one.
27. Gemma Chan
Gemma's homage to Anna May Wong - the first Sino-American film star of the golden era of film - is more than beautiful. Right down to the intricately braided hair and silver accents, the star absolutely nailed the look.
28 Jennifer Lopez
Check out this photo on Instagram
29. Emily Blunt
Inspired by Hedy Lamarr and her lead role in the classic 1941 fashion picture Ziegfeld Girl, the actress has made some notes from her time with Miranda Priestly.
30. Lewis Hamilton
The Met Gala veteran and British racing driver was the image of elegance with his unique cross earring and nose piercing. In addition, the fashion icon used his place at the table for aspiring black designers and creatives.
31.Imaan Hammam
Aside from the Dutch model's star-studded Versace dress, her sleek hairstyle and makeup are exactly the American classics you would expect for this theme.
32.Barbie Ferreira
Barbie's looks give Daisy Buchanan (no murder, of course) vibes, and I'm absolutely there for that. Her curls and her individual hair piece as well as the dedication to decades of eyebrows make this a first-class glamor.
33. Lord
Did Lorde turn up on the subject of Heavenly Bodies? Yes sir. Am i mad about it? Definitely not. The "Solar Power" singer's headdress is possibly the only thing worth resting on the head of the ethereal angelic being.
34.Maisie Williams
The Matrix-inspired look of the Game of Thrones alum will no doubt stand the test of time. “I grew up with these American icons - women in films, these heroines. It shaped the woman I have become and so it made sense for me to honor these people tonight, ”she says of her gaze. And to spare you all the worries I have about this spectacular look, I just want to make one point: How many doses of hairspray do you think it would take to achieve this?
35. Anok Yai
The South Sudanese model first rose to fame when a photo of her went viral during Howard University's homecoming week in 2017. Simply stunning, her Josephine Baker tribute is what you will see in the dictionary if you look up words like "grace" and "heavenly."
What were your favorite beauty looks at this year's Met Gala? LMK in the comments!
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