Influencer faces backlash over ‘inappropriate’ decision at popular beach: ‘No respect at all’

A social media influencer triggers a wave of controversy over her "deaf and dumb" decision at a prominent beach destination.
The woman, who remains unknown, was captured on a video posing in a swimsuit on the beach in Canggu, a holiday village in Bali, Indonesia. The clip, shared by a local community Instagram account, The Canggu Pole, appears to show the woman holding her photo shoot right next to a religious ceremony.
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According to the NZ Herald, a group on the beach appears to be performing a Canang Sari, a ceremony where sacrifices are made daily to thank Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the supreme god of Indonesian Hinduism.
Meanwhile, the unnamed influencer can be seen doing a series of squats by the water while a second person circles them with a camera.
"Ignorancers In The Wild" was the headline of the clip.
The footage, which has been viewed more than 30,000 times since then, received a strong backlash on social media. Commentators called the photo shoot "disrespectful" and "inappropriate".
"No respect at all ... no manners," wrote one commentator.
"It's disgusting," added another.
"There should be sanctions for this type of behavior," added another.
Most of the users' comments focused on the proximity of the photo shoot to the ceremony, but others pointed out that the woman may not even have been on the beach at all.
It is unclear when the video was shot. However, the viral clip has been shared as Bali, a hugely popular tourist destination, continues to close its beaches amid the global health crisis.
In early June, two of the island's beaches - including Canggu - were briefly reopened to foreign surfers. However, the governor of Bali reversed that decision just a day later.
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