Inside Meghan Trainor's Incredibly Challenging Pregnancy

When it comes to the history of birthdays, Meghan Trainor has had some good ones.
It was her 24th, the year "the love of my life", Daryl Sabara "made all my dreams come true" and suggested under a tunnel of Christmas lights as her family and friends cheered from their hiding place in the bushes. "He did it perfectly, everything I ever wanted in life," she later told E! News. "I just kept screaming and crying, 'I'm a princess!' all night. "
A year later, emotions were equally high when they got married in front of 100 of their dearest loved ones - and a wall of white roses - in the back yard of their four-bedroom Los Angeles. "It's the beginning of a fantastic, whole new life," she told people about the 2018 ceremony. "I've got a lot more than I've ever wished for."
This December 22nd? At least we know Sabara will do her best for his 27 year old bride.
Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara: Romance Rewind
"My husband is concerned this year," Trainor recently admitted TODAY. "With quarantine, it's definitely harder to be creative at home, and then because we're pregnant, we don't drink, don't party, don't celebrate. And so our next thought was, okay, eat, like, let's go in, but Now with gestational diabetes, let's be like this, let's count every carbohydrate we eat. At this point, I don't know what to do to celebrate. "
Meghan Trainor, 2020 Christmas at Rockefeller Center, Christmas tree lights
Muted festivities, doctor's appointments, and hardly any people to get over your bump - that's to be expected when you expect it in 2020.
And Trainor - who was expected with her son in early February - responded with open eyes. "We have it planned," she recently announced in an interview with the Philadelphia radio station B101.1. The way she saw it, quarantine pregnancy had some advantages: "I just didn't want to travel as much when I was pregnant, and I knew this was the time to stay home and lift my feet."
That doesn't mean, however, that the artist "All About That Bass" is thrilled with the prospect of delivering without Mother Kelli Trainor or with a mask to protect herself from the still-raging coronavirus. "I've learned so much this year and it's been super scary and challenging," she admitted TODAY, "and it's hard to get all the doctor's appointments on your own without my husband, but it's also like time." I've waited all my life. I've been waiting to be pregnant forever. "
In fact, she had been married for barely a week when she and Sabara - founded by Chloë Grace Moretz in July 2016 after the singer expressed her desire to "go on a date with the nicest guy ever" - revealed they were all about it took care of family life.
"If we could do it the way we want, we'd be totally preggo now!" Trainor phoned People out in January 2019, complaining that she had booked a tour in support of her third album, Treat Myself later that year. "We're ready to rumble. I want some kids! I want kids! We're both so excited. We both watch YouTube videos and lessons on YouTube all the time like 'How to take care of a child'. We prepare before us every day. "
Sabara agreed: "We only want children. I look forward to being her husband so that I can become a father and we can have children together."
The perfect moment came when the rest of the world pulled back and Trainor suddenly downloaded a pregnancy app and had a blood test to reveal the baby's gender because, as she put it on ITV's Lorraine in November, " I couldn't wait. I have no patience. "
These first weeks were "definitely scary," she admitted, "with Covid and quarantine and alone to my doctor's appointments," but manageable.
Her biggest challenges were getting her vacation album A Very Trainor Christmas recorded ("I'm definitely upset," she admitted to E! News). Sabara, 28, explain why sex was temporarily off the table ("All of my pregnancy apps say it feels really good. But all I can think of is that there is a little boy in my tummy"); and navigate how to furnish a nursery without throwing a baby shower because, as she said ET, "I'm too scared of corona".
Meghan Trainor, Daryl Sabara
That fear definitely affected much of her pregnancy as Trainor skipped any kind of Thanksgiving celebration and confined the Christmas celebrations to "nuclear families" who had all agreed to be tested, she said of Lorraine.
"My pregnancy is terrifying," she told E! News. "I haven't seen anyone but my family because I'm too scared. Or we'll all get tested and see each other right before that moment. But I don't have any friends and I agree because I'm too scared to be with hanging out with you. "
Instead, she relies on the YouTube moms she follows and other celebrity parents ("I reached out to Ashley Graham, I'm like 'Help!'") To guide her through this. "It was scary and different," she admitted in Lorraine, "but we're all healthy and that's all that matters and we're just trying to stay as safe as possible."
For Trainor, this now includes following her diet very carefully. In November she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes: "I basically just watch what I eat now," she explained on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. "I write everything down, I check my blood and we're good now. I squashed it. It's like a game to me. And I win."
Meghan Trainor, Rose Nose Day 2020
There's just one small problem she's still struggling with. Okay, a really big one. With COVID restrictions constantly changing, she's keeping her fingers crossed that her mother can go into labor and deliveries.
"My doctors keep going back and forth," she said of Lorraine. And while they E! The news of her delivery fears "I can take it" she would prefer her full support team to be present and accountable. "I'm scared of childbirth and can't have my mother in the room," she said on Philly's B101.1. "Because they can barely let your husband into the room, but I think, 'but I need my mom ... I just need my head massages, how do I do that?'"
The only answer, of course, is to do what Trainor is absolutely ready for. She and Sabara already have "a solid name we all love," and she has begun the nesting process. And since Christmas is likely to bring a solid amount of baby supplies, there is no choice but to wait and like she said E! News, focus on your new plan, which is simply to "be the best mom ever".
With her vacation album and the official countdown to work, "We can just focus on preparing to have a child and have a baby and a human," she told ET. "And then I can disappear and be a mother." Your maternity leave planned, "I told them for the first three months, leave me alone," she continued, "I, baby, that's it. And husband."
What else does a girl need?
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