Inside the night LeBron and the Lakers once again became NBA champions

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Things got out of hand for the Miami Heat in Game 6 of Sunday night's NBA Finals. A change to the Los Angeles Lakers starting line-up - the use of swingman Alex Caruso in place of center Dwight Howard - turned the unit into the Showtime Lakers' second coming.
Kendrick Nunn, who faced a 30-point deficit at the end of the second quarter, was able to escape Caruso on a screen, but Anthony Davis was waiting for him in the key. Nunn trickled around the striker, releasing a running hook on his left, and Davis hit the ball in front of himself before going to court to break the break.
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As soon as Davis was swinging the ball, he immediately turned to the Heat's family and friends in the yard and yelled, "This is dead!"
That was when the season of the Heat ended and the Lakers won 106-93, beating Miami in six games to win the franchise's first title in 10 years.
It was a nuclear flash, led by LeBron James, who won his fourth Finals MVP Award and made NBA history by becoming the first player to receive the honor with three different teams.
“This is a historic franchise and being part of it is something I can talk about and my grandchildren and children can talk about. Her paw played for the Los Angeles Lakers, ”James said during his press conference after scoring 28 points, scoring 14 rebounds and giving out 10 assists. “It's like playing for the Yankees and winning or playing for the Cowboys and winning a Super Bowl or the Patriots. It's like playing for the Red Sox. Winning with a historic franchise is something you can always remember what you do it for, whether your mind is wavering or not. "
LeBron James and Anthony Davis celebrate after winning the NBA title on Sunday night. (AP Photo / Mark J. Terrill)
Davis wanted this moment and secured his first NBA title.
"It just makes it worth it," he said after recording 19 points, 15 rebounds and two blocks. “It was a tough time [in New Orleans] but like I said, I'm a champion. When I was traded, all I wanted was to be a champion, to be able to compete, to be able to win Made my first year with the Lakers. "
The Lakers were upset that Heat rookie sniper Duncan Robinson was granted extra steps when he received the ball from the curl screens, league sources told Yahoo Sports.
And with Robinson talking about trash on occasion, that only increased the Lakers' anger after setting them on fire for 26 points while losing seven triple in game 5.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope came into the game in Game 6 and focused on keeping track of Robinson, a rookie who is already one of the best players in the league when it comes to moving without the ball.
Of course the game got chippy.
"You're nothing," Caldwell-Pope shouted to Robinson at 2:50 in the half while Miami's Bam Adebayo was on the free-throw line. Referee James Capers warned Caldwell-Pope to cool it down and he replied, "He's the one talking sh--. He's not getting anything tonight."
Robinson finished 3-of-8 with 10 points.
In the final minutes of the game, James and Davis hugged near the bench. It seemed like Davis was trying to gather his thoughts and take in the moment.
James, sources told Yahoo Sports, told his co-star it was consistently possible, and he reassured Davis that he always believed in him.
Davis decided to make some adjustments before arriving in Los Angeles. In New Orleans, he was known for dropping out due to gnawing injuries. However, stable health is essential when competing for a title.
James introduced Davis to his nutritional plan and recommended that he receive regular preventive maintenance therapy.
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And to avoid excessive wear and tear, Davis deliberately tried to reduce the number of times he fell to the ground when attacking the basket.
Since James had never missed a postseason game in his career, Davis wanted to be just as reliable, challenging his body beyond anything he had ever done in the past.
The two stars were the last players to join their teammates in the locker room. But before James entered, he asked for safety glasses.
"I need safety glasses," he yelled. "No sir. You won't spray me and burn my maternal eyes."
And when he appeared, sheer pandemonium broke out. You heard champagne being sprayed and objects thrown around. It went on for a while. A few minutes later, James left the locker room with a bottle of champagne to see which media members were waiting around the corner.
The mass of media dispersed so as not to be doused. James went back inside, but he had a trick up his sleeve.
When I was browsing Twitter with my head down, I was completely unprepared. James sprinted out of the locker room and tuned in. When I looked up, champagne was already in the air and was heading straight for my suit. I was soaked and immediately tried to pull back but slipped on the floor due to the combination of my dress shoes and champagne.
"Yes mother! Did you think you were safe? James yelled. "You thought you'd survive without a shower? Yes, Chris!"
Markieff Morris, the Lakers striker, walked down the arena corridors holding media and staff to ask a question.
"Hey, do you want to know what a champion looks like? You're going to see one," he said to a group of media outlets waiting for James to come to his post-game conference.
Morris then walked a few yards and stopped a clerk who was on his way to clean up the facility.
"Hey man, you are looking at a champion," he said to him. "I just thought you should know."
The Lakers are planning a parade in Los Angeles but will have to work with government and city officials on the feasibility and date because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
You are now affiliated with the Boston Celtics for most of the NBA championships by age 17. James remains on a mission en route to his 18th year.
"We still have more work to do," James told Davis during their party in the locker room.
There is always for champions.
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