Interactive Map Shows When Fall Foliage Will Peak Across U.S.

If you were wondering if there is any way to measure when the fall foliage is at its "peak" in your area, if you are looking for the moment when the leaves are most colorful and typical, then it's you Happiness. There is a new interactive map from that shows you the time span of the foliage in the USA date by date. She's pretty amazing. That's the beauty of science folks, capitalized on the kaleidoscope of colors we see and love on the trees this season! And even if you don't make it to the actual Smoky Mountains, parents may find the map a handy guide for planning a scenic drive or excursion to the local (socially distant) pumpkin patch, as you can actually predict it when that Leaves will be the most beautiful.
While you're at it, admiring the leaves can go beyond just looking at a winning Instagrammable moment: the science of foliage is pretty intriguing and could lead to a good, kid-friendly science lesson. We know that in spring and summer, leaves appear green due to photosynthesis because they produce chlorophyll. However, the website goes on to explain that the leaves would be bright red, yellow, and gold all year round if it weren't for producing chlorophyll, which slows down in autumn and leaves beautiful red colors. orange and yellow. But leaves contain more compounds than just chlorophyll (which was new to me as someone who hasn't picked up a STEM textbook in too many years). They also contain beta-carotene, which is mostly responsible for the orange tones of the foliage. Anthocyanins, which are more common in autumn and give the leaves their red color; and flavanols, which are always found in the leaves, but only become visible when less chlorophyll is produced. Flavanols are responsible for the yellow color of the leaves.
The map shows that leaves haven't peaked across the country by September 7, although they are nearing their peak in certain areas, including parts of Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. By September 28, just a few weeks later, many parts of the Rocky Mountains had largely reached their peak, some areas even beyond. At the same time, parts of the Southwest, Midwest, and New England are nearing their peak, but the leaves differ depending on where you are in the country. And by October 26, most areas of the country will be at or after their peak. However, some parts of the south and southwest will have to wait until November for the leaves to peak. I'm sure you'll want to get in a car and head south slowly to maximize foliage viewing. Looking at the trees at this time of year is pretty magical, but actually being able to predict when they will be peak fall? That’s amazing.
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