International Box Office: Korea Again Leads Weekend; France Returns To Cinemas With A Passion

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This week's big international box office news is not from the weekend - again led by Korea and experiencing ups and downs compared to the previous session as moviegoers were waiting for new products. Instead, after 100 days of closure, French cinemas were reopened Monday this week and programmed with at least 40 films for the post-coronavirus performance in the country's theaters.
Some keen moviegoers didn't even wait for Monday morning. About 120 people went to the 5 Caumartin cinema in Paris's 9th arrondissement on June 22, at 12:01 a.m. to preview the local comedy Les Parfums. The situation was similar in Rennes, where people also showed up at midnight to see a re-release of The Big Lebowski by the Coen brothers.
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Shortly after 9 a.m. on Monday morning, CG-Cité Les Halles, UGC's flagship cinema in Paris, welcomed guests to its first screenings, where ticket sales reached an almost normal level, although the multiplex had a capacity limit of 50% each Auditorium kept. According to local reports, the new title Filles De Joie (Working Girls) with Sara Forestier took first place, followed by Agnieszka Holland's biography L'Ombre De Staline and the reissue of Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. In total, more than 1,000 reservations were made for the entire day on the 27-screen website.
Marc-Olivier Sebbag, head of the National Exhibition Association (FNCF), told France Info Radio this week: "We are counting on the enthusiasm and motivation of the audience to return quickly" in the cinema-loving country. A Médiamétrie poll released today found that 21.7 million French are planning to go to the cinema in the next four weeks.
Social distancing remains, although masks are not mandatory in auditoriums and the 50% capacity limit is optional. At the MK2 Bibliothèque Multiplex in Paris, life-sized minions take second place to help distance themselves.
According to estimates, the three months of cinema closure in the world's sixth largest box office market resulted in a loss of around € 400 million. However, some theaters have decided to open a little later in the summer.
Memento Films has tweeted that its La Bonne Epouse with Juliette Binoche sold more than 20,000 tickets at 600 locations on Monday and has now expanded to 1,000 (Wednesday is the traditional opening day in France). The film was released shortly before the blockade in March and, according to recent estimates, has sold 41,785 tickets to date.
Numbers are not yet available for all titles, but there are indications that the game was directed by La Bonne Epouse, followed by L’Ombre De Staline (10,359 entries / 275 screens), horror picture The Demon Inside (5,500 / 249); Dramas Filles De Joie (4,615 / 211) and Un Fils (2,534 / 198), documentary Le Capital Au XXIe Siècle (2,305 / 52), drama Benni (2,102 / 79), David Lynch's Elephant Man (1,171 / 43) and Spanish- Voice drama Cancion Sin Nombre (676/24).
These films and characters are only available from Monday. In other countries, Korea led all offshore games again last weekend and was again driven by local titles. Although Italy opened on June 15, it is still waiting for its time with almost 40 locations. There has been growth and declines in some markets, while new products are still highly valued and expected. In China, as we noted earlier today, there is still no return schedule.
In a somewhat more positive message, however, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the theaters could resume operations on July 4, reducing the gap from two to one meter.
Here is a snapshot of some markets from last weekend
KOREA - Korea was essentially flat at the last session, standing at $ 4.05 million among the top 10 stocks, which in turn were led by Sony's local Innocence production. The special discount offered by KOFIC ended this week, so it will be interesting to see how the box office will behave in the future. Film # 2 was the new local mystery Me And Me for $ 1.07 million for the Thursday through Sunday session. Disney / Pixars Onward, which was released on a non-traditional Wednesday, ended up in third place with $ 1.05 million for the TFFS portion and had reached $ 1.8 million at around 1,500 locations by Sunday. Including Wednesday, Onward was number 2 for the frame.
JAPAN - After being postponed twice by Universal due to COVID, Doolittle made his first appearance in Japan last weekend, earning $ 1.38 million at 347 locations on Saturday and Sunday at Sony's Little Women are still marching on after their previous debut # 1 move to 2nd place and have so far raised $ 1.3 million. The top 10 generated $ 1.48 million, another huge 178% increase over the previous week. Disney has a number of Marvel titles on the market that make up the bulk of the remaining top 10. A total of around 350 locations are open.
HONGKONG - Onward traveled to Hong Kong for the first time this weekend, opening at # 1 on an estimated $ 345,000 on 147 screens, the strongest start since theaters returned in early May. This is after the last session's paid sneaks that put the cume at $ 392,000. Overall, a session worth $ 725,000 in the top 10 rose 17% from last week.
NETHERLANDS - Local Comedy Broadcasting: Yachtsman was again number 1 with a gross profit of $ 105,000 from 118 cinemas. The thriller Line Of Duty made its debut at # 2 with $ 82,000 at 89 locations and an animated Russian image. The Big Trip was also a new addition to 3rd place. The top 10 reached $ 565,000, down about 2% from the previous session.
GERMANY - An 8% drop in top 10 titles to $ 386,000 reflects that no new films have been released in the past few weeks. Warner's Nightlife is still number 1 with $ 10.9 million in sales. The rest of the top grouping is similar to the last frame. An estimated 200 cinemas are open and the market overall declined 52% over the same weekend last year.
TAIWAN - With $ 361,000 in the top 10, Taiwan posted a 5% increase in the last frame. Onward was number 1 in its fifth session, dropping only 21% on Sunday with sales of $ 1.3 million. Danis Tanovic's The Postcard Killings made its debut second place with $ 88,000 at 75 locations. This is a market whose cinemas have never closed. Therefore, a new product will be the key to keep the momentum going. The picture ahead is a long weekend, and Jeffrey Chan, EPP of Bona Film Group, said today during a panel in Cannes that his company had teamed up with the local health minister for a major campaign. "He's more popular here than the President. Let's see what happens to the bookings for this weekend."
NEW ZEALAND - Another weekend with kiwi raises to $ 246,000 in the top 10, up 34% from the previous session. Love Sarah returned to # 1 with a $ 80,000 weekend in 82 cinemas. Last week's winner, The Trip To Greece, came second with $ 34,000 from $ 78.
AUSTRALIA - Oz's top 10 also fell 6% from the previous session to $ 150,000. The game continues to be led by Universal / Blumhouse's The Invisible Man, now with local sales of $ 5.4 million. Here, too, the top films are comparable to the picture from last week. A total of approx. 25 locations are open. Russell Crowe star Unhinged is bound for July 16.
SPAIN - With more cinemas going back to work, an estimated 60 are now working, twice as much as in the last session. Spain again posted a strong increase from the previous week, this time with the top 10 at USD 104,000 (+ 63%). Onward was again the leader with an additional $ 25,000 from 66 locations. Local sales are now $ 2.03 million.
ITALY - While the cinemas opened on June 15, many chose to wait a moment, which means there are barely 40 venues that show films. The top 10 made $ 66,000, led by Les Misérables, an Oscar nominee for international feature film, at $ 22,000 out of 42. The release of Lucky Red was new to the market and co-sponsored by the Italian drama Bad Tales $ 13,000 followed by 17.
United Arab Emirates - Since Dubai is still the only open emirate, the numbers in this session in the top 10 were around $ 65,000. He also jumped to number 1, followed by Bloodshot, Sonic The Hedgehog, The Gentlemen and Knives Out in the top 5 ticket sales. Horror The Wretched will be new next week, followed by Unhinged the following week.
NORWAY - This weekend registrations rose again to 23,610, which is about 15% of a normal weekend. Two new releases contributed to this: Brahms: The Boy 2, which came in second place behind Onward, and the Japanese hit Weatherng With You in fourth place. The weather was rainy, which contributed to the fact that people came to the cinemas with an increase of 245% compared to last weekend.
ICELAND - The last fishing trip continues to top the local box office, dropping 44% from last weekend and now with sales of $ 322,000 by Sunday. Dave Bautista star My Spy came in second place with about $ 8,000 from five screens. Other films that make up the top 5 are Onward, Inception and The King Of Staten Island. Overall, the top 10 market has reached around $ 30,000, down 32% from last weekend.
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